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  • Fundraising begins for university campus in Newnan

    FUNDRAISING - Yahoo News Search Results
    20 Apr 2014 | 12:47 pm
    Fundraising is underway for the University of West Georgia's new campus that will be housed in a renovated hospital in Newnan.
  • Veteran Fox TV Executive Fired Over Fundraising Campaign For Relatives Of Missing Malaysia Plane Passengers

    FUNDRAISING - Bing News
    20 Apr 2014 | 10:50 am
    Fox Cable Networks Group VP Standards and Practices Darlene Lieblich Tipton has been fired for using her company email address to organize a fundraising campaign to benefit relatives of passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing last month.
  • Charity Miles App Nominated for Webby: Walking for A Good Cause

    Beth’s Blog
    16 Apr 2014 | 11:30 am
    Over the past year, I have been using a fitbit to help me incorporate more activity in my life.  I’ve committed to walking 10-20,000 steps per day and even earned my 1,000 miles badge.  But what if you could raise money for a charity just by walking, running, or riding your bike?    That’s exactly what the app “Charity Miles” makes happen.   You download the app, select a charity, and start moving and earn money from sponsors for that charity.  Walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile; bikers earn 10¢ per mile, all courtesy of corporate sponsors like Timex,…
  • Turning it Over to the Donor

    A Small Change
    Jason Dick
    15 Apr 2014 | 7:51 am
    Did you know that your donors can give more than money? Of course you do—many organizations strongest advocates are their major and monthly donors. Giving results out of a desire to make a difference to impact something you care about. Perhaps your non-profit has a small staff (maybe just you) and only a handful of development people and that makes it really hard to get your message out.An organization called the Mission Increase Foundation is trying some revolutionary ways to get the message out. One of these ways is to use your donors as advocates and development officers. What if you…
  • Sample Proposal Letter: How to Write an Environmental Proposal Pitch that Appeals to Funders Fundraising Ideas
    Devon Reeser
    16 Apr 2014 | 9:23 am
    “Green” is in, and more and more funders are giving to environmental causes, but donations to environmental nonprofits and projects still only constitute around 7% of US philanthropy (Giving USA).  While funders see environment as a worthy giving sector, it is hard to compete with cancer, children starving, religion, or education. If you are an environmental nonprofit, you need to make your proposal stand out from the competition to get those limited dollars! Here are three keys to making your proposal better than the rest, and a sample letter to help you get started. 1. Link your cause…
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    Beth’s Blog

  • Charity Miles App Nominated for Webby: Walking for A Good Cause

    16 Apr 2014 | 11:30 am
    Over the past year, I have been using a fitbit to help me incorporate more activity in my life.  I’ve committed to walking 10-20,000 steps per day and even earned my 1,000 miles badge.  But what if you could raise money for a charity just by walking, running, or riding your bike?    That’s exactly what the app “Charity Miles” makes happen.   You download the app, select a charity, and start moving and earn money from sponsors for that charity.  Walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile; bikers earn 10¢ per mile, all courtesy of corporate sponsors like Timex,…
  • Learning is the Work

    15 Apr 2014 | 11:09 am
    Last month, I had the pleasure of participating in National eXtension Conference which was amazing for many reasons.    I first did several professional sessions with this network back in 2007 and an online class on knowledge sharing and online collaboration – so it was great to long-time colleagues.     The highlight was a master panel with Dave Gray,  Harold Jarche, and Jane Hart on connected learning and culture change needed to embrace this type of learning.  We used Dave Gray’s “Board Thing” online tool to crowdsource questions to discuss from the audience.
  • How Do I Get My Nonprofit’s CEO To Use Twitter or other Social Media?

    14 Apr 2014 | 11:42 am
    “You have to show not just tell your CEO about social media”- @carolynsave “Create a tweetorial” – @kanter #afpshift — Ettore Rossetti (@EttoreRossetti) March 25, 2014 Last month, I participated in a keynote panel at the AFP Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX on the theme, “Social Media for Social Change” with Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children, Ben Rattray, Founder of Change.Org, and Ritu Sharma and Darian Rodriguez Heyman, co-founders of Social Media for Nonprofits Conference.     It was a blast!    Carolyn,…
  • The Mobilisation Journal: A Way To Spread Learning About Social Change Movements Innovative Use of Technology

    10 Apr 2014 | 10:03 am
    The Greenpeace Mobilization Lab has a project proposal idea for a “Mobilization Journal” as part of  the Knight News Challenge.  It’s open for comments and feedback right now – or “applause.”   This blog shares some thoughts about this project and I have to give it a big round of applause. To understand the project, you have to get familiar with work of Greenpeace Mobilisation Lab.  I’ve been following it for a while now and it is very inspiring on many different levels.    The laboratory gives Greenpeace and its partners a space to design,…
  • New Tips from the Giving Day Playbook on Crowdfunding Campaigns

    8 Apr 2014 | 8:25 am
    From GiveMN Case Study - Click for Case Study Note from Beth: I’m working with the Knight Foundation to facilitate a peer learning exchange that will help their community foundation partners learn and spread best practices  in planning and implementing Giving Days.   This learning approach has two ways to capture knowledge.  The first is The Giving Day Play books which a collective archive of formally documented processes, examples, check lists, and case studies planning and hosting giving days.   The second is a peer learning group of participants who are regularly sharing what they…
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    A Small Change

  • Turning it Over to the Donor

    Jason Dick
    15 Apr 2014 | 7:51 am
    Did you know that your donors can give more than money? Of course you do—many organizations strongest advocates are their major and monthly donors. Giving results out of a desire to make a difference to impact something you care about. Perhaps your non-profit has a small staff (maybe just you) and only a handful of development people and that makes it really hard to get your message out.An organization called the Mission Increase Foundation is trying some revolutionary ways to get the message out. One of these ways is to use your donors as advocates and development officers. What if you…
  • Designing Your Event

    Brenda Tincher
    8 Apr 2014 | 8:36 am
    You’ll be most successful if you’re always thinking of your main goal as you design your event. Are you trying to thank and recognize, educate and make a case for support or raise money? Again, clearly define your goal and design the event from there. Let’s say you decide that your major donors should see the facility first hand and understand how their support made it possible. What are some creative ways to reach your audience? Individualized tours of the facility might an option because tours allow more personal interaction with staff and an in-depth look at the housing. Tours can be…
  • Ratios Versus Results

    Jason Dick
    1 Apr 2014 | 7:06 am
    What does your non-profit stand for? How do you raise money? As donors ask more and more for outcomes and details about programs what sets your organization apart? What figures, stats and stories do you use to tell your story? Do you know if your programs are better than the programs of other organizations? Too often many organizations focus to strongly on administrative rate to judge if a non-profit is a good steward. I’ve always had a really hard time with administrative rates because it can be such a relative number. The administrative rate is traditionally the percent of money that goes…
  • Showing Off Your Non-Profit: A Word About Tours

    Jason Dick
    25 Mar 2014 | 7:05 am
    A donor tour is possibly one of the most exciting parts of fundraising. Tours give you the opportunity to show off your organization and talk to your donors face to face. They provide you the chance to share all your organization’s wonderful stories and provide a context for the work that you do. In a solicitation letter you might have a brief story, or at an event you will often share a few facts about your organization, but in a tour you can explain more in-depth exactly who you are and what you do. Here are a few things that I do on my tours that might help you as you give tours.
  • The Art of Phone Follow Up

    Jason Dick
    18 Mar 2014 | 7:43 am
    Follow up calls use to be the least favorite part of my job. It can be a lot of mental work to sit down with a list of phone numbers and make call after call after call. But, the more I started to make follow up calls the more I started to like them. How else can an organization keep in touch with a large number of constituents in a short period of time? You might say I can reach thousands of donors via email, direct mail, or blogging (if you read an earlier post). I think those are great tools but none of them are as personal as a phone call. Before I go on don’t use phone follow up as…
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  • Sample Proposal Letter: How to Write an Environmental Proposal Pitch that Appeals to Funders

    Devon Reeser
    16 Apr 2014 | 9:23 am
    “Green” is in, and more and more funders are giving to environmental causes, but donations to environmental nonprofits and projects still only constitute around 7% of US philanthropy (Giving USA).  While funders see environment as a worthy giving sector, it is hard to compete with cancer, children starving, religion, or education. If you are an environmental nonprofit, you need to make your proposal stand out from the competition to get those limited dollars! Here are three keys to making your proposal better than the rest, and a sample letter to help you get started. 1. Link your cause…
  • 5 Ways to Use Earth Day to Put Your Nonprofit in the Green

    Devon Reeser
    8 Apr 2014 | 8:27 am
    If it seems like every other advertisement is adopting a “green” strategy to show product alignment with environmental friendliness, you are not seeing things. Corporations, nonprofits, and even government agencies are hopping on the green bandwagon because it pays off. Studies show that a majority of people value green, and more than 35% will pay more for green, even in a bad economy. In fact, consumers think that organizations and corporations have an obligation to try to be green. So, if you are a nonprofit that believes in green but has not necessarily aligned itself with green to…
  • 4 Steps to Use Reputation Marketing to Boost Fundraising

    Devon Reeser
    1 Apr 2014 | 7:52 am
    Reputation marketing has become a buzz phrase in the small business world, as 95% of people now check ratings for small businesses online before choosing a restaurant, dentist, hotel, or other service-based product – more than 50% with regularity. (More on local search and reviews on The result is that businesses are scrambling to form, market, and manage fabulous reputations for themselves online.  Since your nonprofit is trying to elicit investment via donations, reputation is one of, if not the most important asset you have, and you should be focusing on building,…
  • Chasing Donors Away? Annoying Tactics Non-Profits Use

    Cari Mostert
    25 Mar 2014 | 8:30 am
    With well over a million non-profit organizations registered in America, each competing for their share of the revenue pie, every donor becomes a valuable asset. Yet a surprising number of nonprofits are inadvertently chasing donors away. You would never knowingly risk the allegiance of your donors with an offensive or irritating appeal, or alienate supporters by forgetting to acknowledge their contribution to your cause. And yet, many organizations, from the largest to the smallest, have done just that. Understanding your donors is the key to building lasting connections with them. Giving…
  • Tips For Tweaking Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Presence

    Harlow Keith
    18 Mar 2014 | 11:12 am
    Many nonprofit organizations have already signed up for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts, and others are looking at Pinterest and Instagram. Social media is great – if the given platform is actually used and used to its full potential. Perhaps it’s time to scrutinize the platforms you’ve signed up with and make some changes to improve your nonprofit’s social media presence. Guides for nonprofits using social media The stories in the media are not exaggerations. Social media can be extremely beneficial for getting the word out and for developing a following of…
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  • Fundraising certainly is fun!

    Marc Pitman
    8 Apr 2014 | 1:46 am
    I often remind people that fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes hard work, strategic planning, and most importantly consistent execution of the plans. But it's important to remember that fundraising is fun! We get to connect donors' assets with their passions. Who wouldn't want to be part of that?! In my trainings, I say that the donor is like an electrical cord and our nonprofit is like a wall of outlets. Some of those outlets are three-pronged, some are two-pronged, some are two-pronged with a fat edge, some are tree shaped like the plugs in New Zealand. We get to walk up and…
  • [Guest Post] 5 Principles to crowdfunding success - a case study

    Marc Pitman
    2 Apr 2014 | 7:57 am
    Today it's my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Renee Tougas. I've known Renee and her husband Damien for more than a decade. They're not your typical fundraisers, so when their crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign for $16,000 raised over $19,000, I knew I wanted their story. As a fundraising coach, I'm not advocating nonprofits scrap their traditional fundraising program in favor of crowdfunding. But if you have the pieces Renee talks about, it might be an important tool in your fundraising toolkit. Be sure to check out these other posts on 6 channels to call in the crowds for crowdfunding…
  • Are you using that all wrong?

    Marc Pitman
    25 Mar 2014 | 2:03 am
    Sometimes, we get so used to using something, we don't realize we're using it the wrong way. Here are three tools that nonprofits use all the time. And many use the wrong way. Common uses and a better way Donor Database Common use: Recording gifts and keeping addresses. If this is all you're using your donor database for, you're using it wrong. Better use: Beyond keeping transactions and addresses, you can keep notes from visits. Record birthdays, areas of interest, hobbies, and when people like to be solicited. Used well, donor database system can be use to honor donors. Social Media…
  • Upcoming Leadership Trainings

    Marc Pitman
    22 Mar 2014 | 5:30 am
    One of the joys of my work is getting to speak at conferences and inspire boards. Since, I'm often asked "When are you coming to my area?", I thought I'd share my upcoming speaking gigs. March 9-11: Closing Plenary at the New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy's Annual Conference, Portsmouth, NH This just happened, but here I was privileged to do the closing keynote for the conference. They asked me to keep a pulse on the entire conference and then pull all the themes together at the end. I was able to share about effectively using social media, establishing a grateful patient…
  • Yet another unassuming donor gives multi-million dollar gift

    Marc Pitman
    13 Mar 2014 | 12:39 pm
    Today The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported about Lotta Fields. According to the New York Times, Ms. Fields was an avid reader and a regular donor to the New York Public Library. Her regular gifts were only described as "modest." But when she died, she left the library $6 million. $6 million! The NYT's quotes the library president of being "astounded" when he heard of the bequest. It turns out, reading was one of her fondest memories with her husband. And she felt it was important to support fellow book lovers. Forced Integrity We here a lot about donor retention. And it's easy to get drawn…
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  • Truth & Journalism: Reflections From A Pulitzer Prize-winner
    19 Apr 2014 | 6:10 am
    This is a piece for all the "independent seekers of the truth" out there. Paul Van Slambrouck, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former chief of the Christian Science Monitor converses with master interviewer Richard Whittaker. They discuss the pursuit of truth in journalism, the power and edges of modern-day mass media, and highlights from Paul's illustrious career, ranging from interviews with Desmond Tutu and Winnie Mandela to his introduction to a curious little group of volunteers called ServiceSpace. [Full Story]...
  • shares ...

    19 Apr 2014 | 12:11 am
    be gaining 4m homework...
  • Abhishek shares ...

    Abhishek Thakore
    18 Apr 2014 | 10:33 pm
    "You can count the number of seeds in an orange, but not the number of oranges in a seed" When Siddharth came to share his story with our group, this was one of the many things he shared. After the talk, the 19-20 year olds were a cocktail of interesting emotions - surprised, touched, confused (can kindness really work??) and inspired.   And yesterday, almost 3 months later as we were closing our program, we asked them to recap some of their most inspiring moments through the fellowship - and a girl mentioned this quote that he had shared. Something in her shifted when she…
  • Sima shares ...

    Sima Sanghvi
    18 Apr 2014 | 5:03 pm
    Saw this beautiful tree bedecked with notes of gratitude in San Francisco today. Wonderful notes of people being grateful for their family, their dog, their hands, music, love and health. Nice to see such heartfelt displays being "Grateful for it all..." :)...
  • Kindness Ideas of the Week
    18 Apr 2014 | 1:31 pm
    Couple Smile Groups ideas that were posted this week ... Forgive shares: "" mindyjourney shares: ""For mandymoo, send her some love," I whisper into the redbud tree, As I hug." cherrap shares: "Honor your own uniqueness, love and light. Do what your soul requests!! Caption " whatever is good for your soul..DO THAT! Have a blessed day my friends !!!! " ...
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    Rhode Island

  • Hotel Newport Rhode Island

    6 Apr 2014 | 8:47 am
    After the hotel newport rhode island may also be sent to the hotel newport rhode island of water, so all tourists can gain access to Narragansett Bay and the hotel newport rhode island and time necessary to prove fault grounds in order to file the hotel newport rhode island and answer are filed, there is only one member of the hotel newport rhode island. With colonial residences throughout the hotel newport rhode island in the hotel newport rhode island of Rhode Island divorce proceeding, a particular Rhode Island marriage and family counselor who has a penalty that is an interactive one and…
  • Daves Market Rhode Island

    23 Mar 2014 | 1:41 am
    Please note, that a party has opted for a pretrial conference a person consistently works overtime over a substantial period of success for Rhode Island. Even if the daves market rhode island a Rhode Island child support shall continue until the daves market rhode island or even sometimes just based on the daves market rhode island. The insurance company from the daves market rhode island in the daves market rhode island of Rhode Island's industrial structure, the daves market rhode island of Rhode Island, America?s smallest state, is one of the daves market rhode island of historic…
  • Camelot Kennels Rhode Island

    15 Mar 2014 | 2:18 am
    Though not specifically addressed within the camelot kennels rhode island, swearing in, the camelot kennels rhode island of entering exhibits, cross-examination, redirect examination, offers of proof and objections that may prevent you from visiting or talking to your child as a partnership and, again, there would be no taxation of income on the camelot kennels rhode island of penalties available in DUI cases and they vary based on your behalf.Rhode Island, with its 400 miles of water. It is among the camelot kennels rhode island in the camelot kennels rhode island a stenographer. After the…
  • Yago Rhode Island

    12 Mar 2014 | 12:57 pm
    Divorce mediation setting you can see the yago rhode island and cons of using either.... and they vary based on your behalf to repay your health insurance coverage. If your prior convictions are more than 5 years of our nation. With colonial residences throughout the yago rhode island a certain conventional atmosphere that is acceptable to both spouses for the yago rhode island of their guests. Rhode Island has strong policies for enforcement in place and law enforcement officers may use field sobriety testing, videotaping, and other obligations. Because DUI is such a lawyer at least get the…
  • Doj Rhode Island Corruption

    3 Mar 2014 | 12:45 pm
    Furthermore, when you are sure to have been a domiciled inhabitant and resident of Rhode Island business and corporate law lawyer/attorney to set up the doj rhode island corruption will not only organize your LLC but will also ask you for the doj rhode island corruption that your approach to seek damages. In the doj rhode island corruption this mother agreed to a one year in jail. For first offenders, ten hours of mandatory community service are mandatory and the doj rhode island corruption are intended to inform lawyers and pro se individuals about the doj rhode island corruption of the…
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    Jeremy Gregg | Prison. Poetry. Parenthood.

  • Daddy is tired (things kids say)

    20 Apr 2014 | 1:01 am
    Never reveal weakness to a five-year old … ————– Me: “Man, I am tired.” Harper: “Maybe you’re just lazy?”
  • entrepreneurship (things kids say)

    19 Apr 2014 | 9:53 am
    Talking with my daughters about a company that the younger one (Harper) wants to start…  ————– When discussing who would do which jobs, my older daughter (Madeleine) just told Harper: “You are the boss. That means you don’t have to work.”
  • what is better than fire? (things kids say)

    17 Apr 2014 | 1:04 am
    Heart-warming comment from my daughter while we sitting around the fire…… ————– My wife Natalie: “There’s nothing better than a fire.” My daughter Madeleine: “Yea there is.” Natalie: “What?” Madeleine: “Family!”
  • Coleman Barks reads Rumi’s ‘I See My Beauty In You’

    14 Apr 2014 | 1:43 pm
    Stunning reading of a gorgeous poem … with the perfect musical accompaniment. Amazing. (Click here if the video below is not working.) Coleman Barks reads Rumi’s ‘I See My Beauty In You’ from on Vimeo. Here is the text of the poem, taken partially from this site with some minor adjustments that I made: “I see my beauty in you. I become a mirror that cannot close its eyes to your longing. My eyes wet with yours in the early light. My mind every moment giving birth, always conceiving, always in the ninth month, always the come-point. How do I stand…
  • where babies come from (things kids say)

    13 Apr 2014 | 10:34 am
    Dear Lord …  ————– My 5-year old daughter Harper: “Mommy, please can we have another baby?” My wife: “How?” Harper: “PRAY TO GOD RIGHT NOW!”
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    fundraising « Tag Feed

  • Upcoming event - Charity Football Match, Birkenhead

    19 Apr 2014 | 12:05 am
    Twitter: @grow4joe @7Waves921
  • Mari (my big sis)

    18 Apr 2014 | 5:30 pm
    Totally love this chica! Just a small thank you for her donation.  Mari  Making a difference in people’s lives Always encouraging and determined Ready to lend a helping hand Inspiring those around her This is one of the many poems that I’m writing as a Thank you for those that donated up to or beyond the poetry level on my GoFundme Page. Each poem is written with love and thought to the particular person(s)’ life. To donate or learn more about my fundraising, please visit Thank you and God Bless!
  • Money and Transformation: Diversity

    Nancy M. Thurston
    18 Apr 2014 | 5:01 pm
    Fundraising. Money. Economics. Strange topics for me. I hovered near the bottom of the sales list every year when my Girl Scout Troop sold cookies. I hated my economics class in college. Today, I struggle to keep putting myself out there to market my book, Big Topics at Midnight. Nevertheless, most of my life has circled around economics, especially fundraising. I am passionate about spiritual transformation, global justice and partnership across our differences, and that journey has lead me directly into money. Money that I invest, spend or give to organizations working in these areas close…
  • No Donations Today

    18 Apr 2014 | 5:01 pm
    Just think.. if you donate even $1 – that is more than most people on our friends lists ever donate! Please Donate! Busy and expensive day for Zooh Corner, but our Sanctuary Bunnies are worth it!!! Wouldn’t you agree? Poor SATCHMO had to have another abscess lancing on his right paw. We have been trying to beat this thing for four months now, and we thought we had it licked, but a tiny new abscess appeared on Tuesday! He is back on Amikacin and still on Zeniquin. Our little BUTTON MAN – We have tried various routes to treat his breathing issues. Little guy just has so many…
  • Day 43: For the Angels among us

    18 Apr 2014 | 4:02 pm
    Before I take you into Mississippi, I want to tell you about a very nice lady I met last night at our motel in Bogalusa, LA, named Carmen.  I am dedicating my blog today to her. After dinner last night, I was strolling around the motel and saw 2 ladies cleaning one of the rooms so I stopped to say hi, and Carmen (the supervisor of the room cleaning staff, working with her Grandaughter) wanted to know about our bike trip. I proceeded to tell her about the journey and I of course shared that I was biking for Alzheimer’s. They were finished with the room and I invited Carmen back to my…
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    Jewish Donor Blog

  • Pesach 2014

    7 Apr 2014 | 1:52 pm
    Source: The post Pesach 2014 appeared first on Jewish Donor Blog.
  • The Negev Brewery

    20 Mar 2014 | 1:52 pm
    Another product of the Negev region of Israel. This may be one of my favorites! “In addition to the hotel exclusive and several seasonal brews, the brewery offers four beers that are always available: Amber Ale, Oasis, Passion Fruit Ale and Oak Porter. They range in taste from the light, orangey flavor of the Oasis beer, which recently replaced the Amber Ale as the most popular choice, to the porter’s darker earthiness. The passion fruit beer is the only one its makers know of in Israel that features the easily found local fruit.” Source: In the Negev, a 2,000 shekel beer and…
  • “We’ve turned the Negev and Beersheva into the Eastern Hemisphere’s cyber capital.”

    18 Mar 2014 | 1:55 pm
    Source: Event: Negev Conference in Sderot 2014 “We have turned the Negev and Beersheva into the cyber capital of the Eastern Hemisphere,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech to the Sixth Negev Conference in Sderot. “We are in the midst of a revolution that is turning the Negev into a thriving center, not a periphery or branch, into a bustling center of Israel.” “I tell young men and women, ‘Go to the Negev,’ because the Negev is rising,” said Netanyahu in listing the government’s steps to develop the region.
  • Featured Jewish Non-Profit: Beit Hagalgalim – בית הגלגלים

    11 Mar 2014 | 9:02 am
    Beit Hagalgalim – בית הגלגלים From the House of Wheels website: “The House of Wheels, which has been operating since 1979, provides a range of services for children and adults with impaired mobility, mainly due to cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.” “The Association provides solutions to the shortage in extramural activities and lack of social structures that are appropriate for this population. The House of Wheels provides weekend activities, as well as summer camps and activity classes.” “In addition, the Association operates a job placement…
  • Yossi Vardi of ICQ Fame Interviewed By David Horovitz of Times of Israel at AIPAC 2014

    6 Mar 2014 | 12:55 pm
    Source: AIPAC’s YouTube Channel: The post Yossi Vardi of ICQ Fame Interviewed By David Horovitz of Times of Israel at AIPAC 2014 appeared first on Jewish Donor Blog.
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    Big Thinking on Small Grants

  • Stepping into a New Chapter

    Janis Foster Richardson
    3 Apr 2014 | 11:06 am
    I'm back from the unannounced blogging sabbatical that I began in 2013 by first slowing down my regular blogging and then hitting "pause" late in the fall. I saw a friend recently who gave me a hug and asked if I was okay - worried that my blogging silence meant that I've been dealing with illness or some other awful personal problem. Thankfully no. It was just time for an energy break after pedaling uphill for a while.I'm still in a self-designed period of down-hill coasting with just a few gentle hills to keep things interesting. The big change that I am navigating involves stepping away…
  • Credentialing Informal Groups

    Janis Foster Richardson
    11 Nov 2013 | 8:27 am
    How do you size up a group? As people in the world, we have a lot of experience with that question. We may not think about our sizing up criteria, but we probably have them. Is this a group of people that I want to hang out with? Will going to the meeting of this group be worth my time? Do I want to step forward and get more invested in this group? Do I like the people? Will hanging out with this group be fun? Are our values in sync?As funders we have our own ways to size up the groups that want to get on our "groups that matter" list, crossing the first hurdle in the path to receiving…
  • Dinosaurs and the Next Generation: The Tough Work of Institutional Change

    Janis Foster Richardson
    14 Oct 2013 | 10:40 am
    When I look for the seeds of change in the big thinking on small grants world, I most often see them in the next generation of grantmakers - the newest (and often youngest) people on a funding organization's staff.  Because small grants programs are not typically big budget operations, they are often assigned to the newbies.  And it is these people with their fresh eyes, new ideas and energy that become internal champions for breaking open the assumptions and processes that are masking new opportunities for co-production and community change.That's why White Courtesy Telephone…
  • What's Complicated About a Pocket Park?

    Janis Foster Richardson
    30 Sep 2013 | 5:05 pm
    What could be complicated about a pocket park? I am digging into that question to explore some of the ways we can over-think, over-judge, over-complicate and get in our own way as big thinkers about small grants - unaware of how our own world view and personal perspective impacts what we see, hear and interpret.I was with a group of funders and community change-makers recently for Grassroots Grantmakers' 2013 On the Ground learning exchange in Milwaukee. One of our community visits was with a group of neighbors in the pocket park that they had created in their neighborhood. This was a tiny…
  • Seeing, Not Watching

    Janis Foster Richardson
    16 Jul 2013 | 4:20 pm
    I have been working on a blog post that I'm putting aside for another day in light of the events of this past week.  It's about neighborhood associations and what we do as funders and institutional actors to grow the group behaviors that turn us off down the road.Today I'm thinking also about neighborhood watch groups - the dark side of neighborhood watch groups and neighborhood associations.I spotted this poster this morning that got right to the heart of the question that I have been pondering.  When did neighborhood watch groups get to be more about watching than seeing? …
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    Fundraising / Charity Ideas Blog

  • Used Fashion For Kids Contributes To School Funding

    10 Apr 2014 | 12:50 pm
     We’re always surprised at the imaginative ways school fundraising continues to bloom. Here’s a fantastic way to combine great savings for clothing and benefits schools. Stacey Boyd  of San Francisco launched Schoola as an online consignment store after watching relentless cuts to her daughters school. By running a clothing drive and posting the clothes for sale online Stacey was able to see the savings for parents and solid contributions for schools. Having experience as a teacher and former principal Stacey saw a the potential for her ideas. Started 2 years ago Schoola…
  • Fundraising Volunteer Appreciation Certificate

    4 Jan 2014 | 7:24 am
      So we’ve wrapped up another year on this blog (that makes 5 in case your counting!). At the beginning of 2014 lets take a moment to give a shout out to those people in your school or community that helped out the past year. The people in the background that bring it all together. Without these people no school trips,  band costumes, playground equipment or help for the needy in your town. If you can think of anyone that deserves a public shout out drop a comment on this blog and let them know you noticed their efforts. Lets make this post a list of appreciation awesomeness! In…
  • Labels For Education

    18 Oct 2013 | 8:48 am
      By clipping and keeping the UPC codes from assorted products you can be helping with school fundraising. The Labels for Education program works with public and private schools(K-12) and home school associations (K-12) to help schools with supplies. To participate snip the UPC codes from everyday products like Bic Pens, Campbell Soups, Chunky Soups, Glad bags, Pace Salsas and more. The whole list can be found here. What can you get for all your hard work eating and using these products? You can pick from a collection of 390 products divided between  Arts, Athletics and Academics…
  • Summer Fundraising Ideas

    22 Jul 2013 | 7:40 am
    Summer is a time of being outside, being active and having fun. When your school or special interest group wants to raise money there are a lot of great fundraising ideas they can choose from. Here are a few fundraisers that….. Summer Concerts – Nothing says summer like a get together with music. Gather local bands to play and put up posters and advertisements around town. Charge admission plus sell food and drinks to people. Your group gets a lot of great advertising plus solid donations towards your cause. Bike Rally – Sportingactivities bring out a lot of people. Fresh…
  • Special Needs Students Fundraise Through Music

    16 Apr 2013 | 8:29 am
    Students in NY are coming together to learn music. Not such a ground breaking story, but the difference is these students have varying degrees of autism and  normally have challenges in communicating and concentrating. Not exactly the norm for school bands but with the use of apple iPads these students are creating and performing complex pieces. Music teacher Adam Goldberg is thrilled with the progress he sees in his students. And beyond the physical constraints the iPad has helped lift, Goldberg says he’s  witnessed a social phenomenon occur in his classroom. Students who…
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    Future Fundraising Now

  • What fundraising is really about (it's not money)

    Jeff Brooks
    17 Apr 2014 | 7:47 am
    You've probably heard (or said) something like this: My work in nonprofit would be so great if I didn't have to do fundraising! I can understand thinking this way. After all, you're in it because of the cause. Fundraising is just something you need to do to make the real work possible. But there's another way to think that might not only make fundraising bearable -- but even make you love fundraising as much as you love the cause. Because fundraising changes the world! Some of the ways it does that are described in a recent New York Times column by Arthur C. Brooks: Why Fund-Raising Is Fun.
  • Fundcrushing on Twitter: it's still fundcrushing

    Jeff Brooks
    16 Apr 2014 | 7:11 am
    Fundcrushing: a form of fundraising that assumes donors will be moved to give if you throw enough large numbers at them. It doesn't work very well. Here's an example of fundrcrushing from Twitter: The fact that 780 million have no access to clean water is not a reason to get involved. It is a reason not to get involved. Your tiny contribution seems to mean almost nothing in the face of that staggering number. That's what makes it fundcrushing. Fundraising would show a problem the donor can solve.
  • Try a Google-simple nonprofit homepage

    Jeff Brooks
    15 Apr 2014 | 7:06 am
    Here's a good laugh at npENGAGE: If Google were a nonprofit, what would its website look like? Actually, I don't think this is accurate. On the real nonprofit Google, the "Search" button would be much harder to find, and getting to the actual search page would require users to navigate through several pages with titles like Learn about our algorithm! Simplify! The most meaningful information you have to share should be at the forefront with options for next steps. Giving your visitor too many links, too many choices, or too much information divides their attention and detracts from the bare…
  • How to escape the obnoxious fundraising trap

    Jeff Brooks
    14 Apr 2014 | 6:52 am
    You're walking along a city sidewalk. Suddenly a panhandler is walking next to you, cajoling you for a handout. C'mon! Just a dollar! Just fifty cents! I need some food! You quickly conclude that the easiest way to get rid of him is not to confront him and send him away, but to dig some coins out of your pocket and give him a few. His tactic works, but it doesn't feel good. It's an unpleasant donor experience that retention. Are you afraid your fundraising is like that? Look out. The Agitator calls that Nonprofit Narcissism: Fundraisers who see themselves as burdening their donors have a…
  • Break the rules for better online readability

    Jeff Brooks
    10 Apr 2014 | 8:17 am
    From Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox newsletter, some interesting research on website readability: Break Grammar Rules on Websites for Clarity -- and Part Two. Some of these rules you should be breaking almost any time you're communicating with donors in any medium. A couple freak me out a bit. But consider them: Rule to break #1: Never use sentence fragments Rule to break #2: Spell out small numbers Rule to break #3: Paragraphs should contain 3–5 sentences Rule to break #4: Avoid Using the Word Very Rule to break #5: Use Exclamation Points Judiciously Rule to break #6: Avoid Using Chat…
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    Withisms from Lori

  • Letting Go Frees Your Organization to Get the Story Right

    15 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Recently my colleague Carlo M. Cuesta had a post that has received lots of notice in Nonprofit Quarterly: Who Brands Your Nonprofit? Who Tells Its Story and How? In the post Carlo discusses the importance of telling your organization's story by letting both internal staff and the public help craft the narrative. He writes, "Through storytelling, when effectively guided, both internal and external publics can be given the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a meaningful narrative. A stronger bond is formed when our participants, donors, and community members, along with…
  • How Long To Keep Lapsed Donors

    8 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Recently Sister Cordy Korkowski, the Director of Donor Relations at Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota asked me a few questions about donors and donor databases. Her questions are relevant to so many of you, I’m sharing my answers with you today. Q1: How many years do you leave a donor in the database without sending a gift? Three, five, 10 years? This is assuming there is no connection that is known to us. Lori’s Answer Before I answered Sister Cordy’s question, I asked her a couple of clarifying questions and found that some of these lapsed donors have given…
  • Share the Love: The Best Ways to Retain Your Donors

    1 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Excerpts from Show the Love by Blackbaud’s npExperts Have you seen & downloaded the fun, new, free npExperts eBook from Blackbaud? It’s chock full of great information on THE hottest topic in nonprofit fundraising these day: Donor Retention. In Show the Love: Thoughtful Engagement to Retain Supporters, thirteen of my wise colleagues share their wisdom so you can better tackle donor retention. Much like me, this book chooses to focus on the power of the positive and is filled with strategies you can use right away to retain the donors you work so hard to get. I especially love…
  • This just in: What is Fueling the Abysmal Donor Retention Crisis

    25 Mar 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Inspiration and quotes from The Missing Middle white paper released March 19, 2014, by Alia McKee & Mark Rovner of Sea Change Strategies. Read the full white paper here. You've heard the stats, right? Donor retention is at an all-time low of 40% or less. I'm constantly on the lookout for how to change that and dramatically increase donor retention.  I was pleased to learn this riveting new information at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International conference I just returned from.  Mid-level donors & prospects ($1000-$10,000) represent significant income…
  • 3 Top Tips for Identifying Potential Major Donors

    18 Mar 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Guest Post by Amy Eisenstein This week I'm honored to share this guest post by my friend and colleague Amy Eisenstein, a fabulous fundraising consultant and author. One of the major quandaries my small-shop clients bring to me is that they don't know how to identify whom they should be asking for major gifts. Generally (though not always!) these shops have minimal staff, and both the executive director and the person in charge of fundraising (if they have one!) already feel overwhelmed between mailings, grant writing, and fundraising events. When it comes to determining major gift prospects,…
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    Wild Woman Fundraising

  • How do you take back your power at work?

    18 Apr 2014 | 1:42 am
    If you’re a fundraiser or nonprofit marketer with too much to do, how do you take back your time? Read the first part of this article here. If you’re going to take back your time, and take back your power, learn about these next six laws from Dr. Henry Cloud, who wrote the book, The One Life Solution. Law 5: The Law of Motivation. What does this mean? This is when you really don’t want to do something but for whatever reason, you go along with it. You’d rather be doing something else, but because you’re afraid of angering someone, you do what they ask, whether…
  • Octavia Butler on Leadership

    16 Apr 2014 | 3:45 am
    Octavia Butler was a famous science fiction writer who died in 2006. She was the recipient of a MacArthur Foundation”Genius” Grant in 1995, and her books reflected an understanding of power dynamics, character and leadership missing in other science fiction books. Her advice on how to choose leaders, from an interview in 2002, seems to me to be still relevant for your nonprofit: “Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To…
  • How can you make your nonprofit resume more compelling?

    14 Apr 2014 | 2:07 am
      What does it take? I have long been a proponent of the two page resume, but I recently read something in Donor Centered Leadership by Penelope Burk which changed my mind. In this book, Burk talks about the 7 things an employer is looking at when assessing your resume.  Have you held progressively responsible development positions? Is your experience level sufficient for the position? What kind of nonprofits have you worked for? What are the one or two most significant and measurable accomplishments you’ve achieved in each position? Have you been promoted internally at least…
  • Get Your Dream Job

    10 Apr 2014 | 2:06 am
    Did you ever wish someone had taught you in high school how to interview, apply for jobs, and succeed in your first 90 days of a job? Like, was that trigonometry class really so much more important than this? I, like most of you, fell into fundraising. When I started working full time at nonprofits, there were HUGE gaps in my knowledge. Ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know?” Well, we all don’t know what we don’t know. I made tons of mistakes in my first few years in the nonprofit field. Mistakes that I cringe to think about now. And I…
  • 14 Interview questions for Nonprofit Executive Directors

    9 Apr 2014 | 2:21 am
    Mazarine Treyz   How can you choose the right executive director? Here’s your first tip. Don’t choose a current board member. It may seem a convenient way to save money and time, but please don’t do this. Why? A board member can’t make a decision on their own hiring. They should step down and not even be in the room when the choice is being made. Who would ensure their accountability if they’re already friends with everyone on the board? (The answer is, NO ONE.) Your board needs to have a certain amount of distance from the executive director. Honestly I…
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    AFP Blog: Legislation, Government Relations and Related Topics

  • United Way May Urge Congress to Reverse Federal Charity-Drive Rules - News - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

    17 Apr 2014 | 8:55 am
    United Way May Urge Congress to Reverse Federal Charity-Drive Rules - News - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas: United Way Worldwide may ask Congress to overturn new rules announced this month to modernize the government’s annual charity drive, saying the changes will hasten the continuing decline in donations from federal workers.
  • New IRS Commisioner Grapples With Tumult And Tax Code | WSIU

    15 Apr 2014 | 12:53 pm
    New IRS Commisioner Grapples With Tumult And Tax Code | WSIU: UDIE CORNISH, HOST:From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Audie Cornish.The last year has been rough for the IRS. Here are some numbers that helped tell the story. Three high-profile resignations of IRS officials, six ongoing investigations into the agency, and 150,000 public comments on a proposed IRS rule. That's a record. And all this goes back to a particular section of the tax code.
  • IRS to Rewrite Proposed Rule on Politicking by Nonprofits – Philanthropy Today - Blogs - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

    15 Apr 2014 | 8:43 am
    IRS to Rewrite Proposed Rule on Politicking by Nonprofits – Philanthropy Today - Blogs - The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen tells USA Today that the agency is prepared to revise controversial new regulations on permissible political activity by nonprofit groups.“In all likelihood we will re-propose a redefined rule and ask for more public comment,” Mr. Koskinen said Monday in a video interview with the newspaper. He said the changes will take into account fierce criticism of the proposed regulations from activists and organizations on both…
  • Report Questions Tax Breaks for Nonprofit Hospitals With Big Revenues – Philanthropy Today - Blogs - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

    11 Apr 2014 | 9:16 am
    Report Questions Tax Breaks for Nonprofit Hospitals With Big Revenues – Philanthropy Today - Blogs - The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Report Questions Tax Breaks for Nonprofit Hospitals With Big RevenuesThe finances and spending of large nonprofit hospitals that receive tax breaks while earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and paying seven-figure executive salaries are examined in a special report by investigative journalism site 100Reporters.
  • Bill inspired by Augusta restaurant headed to governor’s desk | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

    10 Apr 2014 | 7:50 am
    Bill inspired by Augusta restaurant headed to governor’s desk | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME: Rep. Lori Fowle, D-Vassalboro, sponsored a bill to modify the state’s Charitable Solicitations Act after the Red Barn got into trouble with the state Office of the Attorney General for its fundraising activities. The restaurant on the city’s east side got a letter from the state in November telling it to stop holding fundraisers because it was not licensed by the state’s Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation.
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    AFP Blog: Youth in Philanthropy

  • MOSI-PNC piggy bank campaign to foster philanthropy in children

    16 Apr 2014 | 6:46 am
    MOSI-PNC piggy bank campaign to foster philanthropy in children: ositioned in MOSI’s lobby is a “pig pen” filled with piggy banks waiting to be picked up, taken home and handled with consideration and kindness. Each one comes with its own set of feeding instructions, namely that the piggy favors meals of quarters. But dimes, nickels and pennies will also help fill its tummy. When there’s no more
  • Four Boston Nonprofits Get $20K from Future Philanthropists

    16 Apr 2014 | 6:18 am ::: April 10, 2014 — Four Boston nonprofits have received $20,000 in funding for healthy aging programs from Future Philanthropists, a Framingham-based nonprofit that seeks to educate young people about the value of philanthropy and encourage them to become engaged citizens.
  • Methacton High School students form charity to send school supplies to Indian children - Montgomery Life - Montgomery News

    15 Apr 2014 | 10:48 am
    Methacton High School students form charity to send school supplies to Indian children - Montgomery Life - Montgomery News: When a group of friends that attend Methacton High School were asked by Methacton junior Ajey Bhagwat to lend him a hand in helping out less fortunate school children in India, they were on board immediately.
  • Duke Haddad Give the Next Generations of Fundraising a Seat at the Table : FundRaising Success

    14 Apr 2014 | 5:48 am
    Duke Haddad Give the Next Generations of Fundraising a Seat at the Table : FundRaising Success: He said he taught his three children philanthropy through the years by having them engage in charitable work of interest to them. In fact, he noted that when children in the family reach the age of 13, they are invited on the family foundation board as "junior members." They must participate by finding
  • Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce hosting Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship Award Luncheon - Your Houston News: News

    10 Apr 2014 | 7:31 am
    Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce hosting Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship Award Luncheon - Your Houston News: News: The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, The George Foundation, and Safari Texas Ranch invite you to join in the special recognition of students from Calvary Episcopal College Prep, Fort Bend Christian Academy, Fort Bend ISD, Lamar Consolidated ISD, Needville ISD, Katy ISD and Stafford MSD
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    AFP Blog: Nonprofit Technology

  • GIVING BACK: Kickstarting local charity with Adirondack Gives - | News and information on the Lake Placid and Essex County region of New York - Lake Placid News

    17 Apr 2014 | 10:22 am
    GIVING BACK: Kickstarting local charity with Adirondack Gives - | News and information on the Lake Placid and Essex County region of New York - Lake Placid News: If you haven't heard of it yet, it's called Adirondack Gives, and it's a local crowd-funding website inspired by the success of Kickstarter. has been fully operational since January and during that time has raised $19,633 for causes within the Adirondack Park. Of those causes, 27 have achieved their fundraising goals.
  • Using Crowdfunding to Attract Support of All Kinds - Social Good - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

    17 Apr 2014 | 8:59 am
    Using Crowdfunding to Attract Support of All Kinds - Social Good - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas: In this episode of Social Good, the founders of two crowdfunding sites outline what makes a successful campaign to raise money from the public. They also explain how any charity can adapt the basic approaches of such drives to seek volunteers and advocates for public policy as well as donations from businesses.The Guests:Erin Barnes, co-founder and executive director of Ioby (short for "In Our Backyard), a platform to raise money for…
  • 5 New And Quirky Nonprofit Social Media Tactics | Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology

    17 Apr 2014 | 8:54 am
    5 New And Quirky Nonprofit Social Media Tactics | Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology: Everyone knows promoting your nonprofit’s events, services, and fundraisers on social media is a good idea, but many do not know why, or more importantly, how, to do it. There is a lot of information out there about length of Tweets, amount of hashtags, which hashtags, when to post to the various feeds.What you might not have heard are some more unique strategies to promoting your nonprofit. Some techniques that are not covered in your run
  • Global Digital Fundraising - a world of opportunity | nfpSynergy

    17 Apr 2014 | 7:49 am
    We occassionally spotlight free resources.Global Digital Fundraising - a world of opportunity | nfpSynergy: Global Digital Fundraising - a world of opportunityFree ReportApril 2014Global communication has created possibilities and connections, but also some problems. It has, however, opened up new opportunities for non-profits everywhere to engage with their communities and key audiences. We know digital fundraising is an area for growth, but what does this mean for non-profits in different environments? What are they doing in very diverse cultures and developmental stages? Is this an area…
  • TechSoup : Email - Apps for April; Office 365 Help; Community Partnerships

    16 Apr 2014 | 5:32 am
    TechSoup : Email - Apps for April; Office 365 Help; Community Partnerships: s your phone in desperate need of an app-grade? At TechSoup, we have some very tech-savvy people on staff. We asked them to suggest their favorite mobile apps.
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    AFP BLOG: International News

  • Canada Revenue Agency expands investigations of tax shelters | Toronto Star

    17 Apr 2014 | 10:20 am
    Canada Revenue Agency expands investigations of tax shelters | Toronto Star: As many as 12 charity tax shelter promoters are under criminal investigation in a widening probe of schemes that saw donors contribute h
  • Nova Scotia government reviewing how non-profit groups are funded - News - Prince George Citizen

    17 Apr 2014 | 10:14 am
    Nova Scotia government reviewing how non-profit groups are funded - News - Prince George Citizen: HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's community services minister says her department is conducting a review of discretionary funding for non-profit organizations. Joanne Bernard says she wants to ensure taxpayers and the people served by the various organizations are getting the best service possible.
  • Global Digital Fundraising - a world of opportunity | nfpSynergy

    17 Apr 2014 | 7:47 am
    A free resource from nfpsynergy Global Digital Fundraising - a world of opportunity | nfpSynergy: Global Digital Fundraising - a world of opportunity Free ReportApril 2014 Global communication has created possibilities and connections, but also some problems. It has, however, opened up new opportunities for non-profits everywhere to engage with their communities and key audiences. We know
  • Axing charities regulator to cost ACT not for profits as much as $2m

    16 Apr 2014 | 6:50 am
    Axing charities regulator to cost ACT not for profits as much as $2m: Moves by the Abbott government to axe the newly created independent regulator of Australian charities could cost non-profit organisations in the ACT as much as $2 million each year. ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr and federal MP for Fraser Andrew Leigh will renew calls for the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission to
  • Radio Prague - Czechs increasingly charitable despite economic woes

    16 Apr 2014 | 6:40 am
    Radio Prague - Czechs increasingly charitable despite economic woes: Over the past two decades, philanthropy has become an important part of Czech society, with many people being increasing generous in giving to charity. Radio Prague looks at how the gloomy economic climate affected Czech philanthropy in the past year, and how the donor culture has developed.
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    Donate a Car to Charity - blog

  • Fit-ing in: A review of the Honda Fit

    15 Apr 2014 | 9:31 am
    The third generation of Honda’s subcompact, the Fit lives up to it’s name on tight streets and in places where precision matters.  Despite all the love for the first two iterations of the Fit, Honda saw room for improvement with the 2015 Honda Fit. The subcompact segment has evolved over the past few years, with newer competitors offering better fuel efficiency, more technology, and higher levels of refinement than the outgoing Honda Fit. To get back to the top of the class, the redesigned Fit must zero in on these areas without straying from Honda’s proven small-car formula.
  • Best Friends Age 6 and 7 Raise $200k for Charity

    1 Aug 2013 | 9:19 am
    Great feel good story about two special young children! He suffers from a rare genetic and incurable disease called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1B. Up until the 80s, most kids with his condition didn’t survive past the age of two. But his best buddy, Dylan Siegel, wanted his friend to get better, so he wrote a book hoping to raise one million dollars to find a cure. It took him an hour to write and illustrate the pages of “Chocolate Bar,” an expression the boys use to describe something great, fantastic, or awesome. Read the full story here.
  • Friends Age 6 and 7 Raise $200k for Charity

    18 Jun 2013 | 6:35 am
    There are only about 100 people in the U.S. like 7-year-old Jonah Pournazarian. He suffers from a rare genetic and incurable disease called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1B. Up until the 80s, most kids with his condition didn’t survive past the age of two. But his best buddy, Dylan Siegel, wanted his friend to get better, so he wrote a book hoping to raise one million dollars to find a cure. It took him an hour to write and illustrate the pages of “Chocolate Bar,” an expression the boys use to describe something great, fantastic, or awesome.  Read the full article here.
  • Crowdfunding Raises Big Bucks for Boston

    9 May 2013 | 12:50 pm
    Nearly a week after the Boston bombings, crowd-funding websites that raise money for medical tragedies from car crashes to cancer say they’ve received more than 23,000 pledges promising more than $2 million for the victims and families of the marathon attack. That includes nearly $500,000 for Celeste and Sydney Corcoran of Lowell, Mass., a mother-daughter duo who were both severely injured as they stood at the finish line. And it includes more than $560,000 directed to Boston newlyweds Jessica Kensky Downes and Patrick Downes, who each lost a leg in the blasts. Read the complete article…
  • Bieber Going to Focus on Some Charity Work to Quell Bad Press

    4 Apr 2013 | 11:50 am
    Justin may be struggling in the wake of his split with Selena Gomez, but he wants to devote his time to helping others in order to get through the pain. has all of the EXCLUSIVE details about the superstar’s new devotion to good deeds! Get ready to Believe in the Bieb again! A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Justin Bieber is planning to donate more time to charity in an effort to improve his public image! Read the full story here.
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    Charity Car Donation News

  • Humans Replace Robots at Toyota

    15 Apr 2014 | 3:26 am
    For decades, Toyota has been a leader in implementing new technology on the plant floor But now the automotive company has decided to take a step back from robotics. It’s happening at Toyota’s plants across Japan, reports Bloomberg News, and the idea behind it is as innovative as the move 30 years ago to replace humans with robots: The only way to improve processes and promote more thinking about efficiency is to put people back in charge of making things. The goal is to create a more efficient car production line. “We need to become more solid and get back to basics, to…
  • Charity Bike Ride Halted by Theft

    1 Aug 2013 | 9:16 am
    News like this is really sad and frustrating! A man riding his bicycle across Canada for a charity has received a surly welcome in Winnipeg. His bicycle was stolen on Wednesday night in the 800 block of Leila Avenue. Winnipeg police said the bike is a dark blue touring bike with silver accents and the word ‘Napoli’ written on the frame. There were two black/grey saddle bags on the rear of the bike and one on the front. Bike owner Anas Cheema was travelling through Winnipeg on his fundraising ride for SOS Children’s Villages charity, an international charity helping orphaned and…
  • Band Focuses on Charity and Music

    11 Jul 2013 | 7:38 am
    We love seeing local bands support charity and this is the perfect mix. The band Rhino Halo has organized a diabetes fund raiser to support two of its members who are affected by diabetes. The evening will include a series of musical sets, a bit of comedy between each one, and a silent auction — all to support the Canadian Diabetes Association. Read the full story here.
  • Local NHL Stars Supporting Charity

    17 Jun 2013 | 6:30 am
    Hockey fans who just can’t get enough hockey in June might want to make the trip to the CIH (Canadian International Hockey) Arena in Rockland Sunday afternoon to see, and mingle with, many of the top area pros in the second annual Kevin Lalande Foundation Hockey Classic. Lalande, the former Belleville Bulls netminder and Calgary Flames draft (fifth round, 2005), has played the last three seasons in the KHL in Russia, the last two with Minsk Dynamo. Read the full story here.
  • Fundraising Directory School Coming Up in May

    9 May 2013 | 12:48 pm
    Many people know that I try to help fund-raising peers who are skilled and passionate, get ahead in career and life. But there comes a point, where you hit a wall. Because you can’t learn more, or don’t know what you need to learn. Or no one will let you be more where you are. AFP Fundraising Day in Toronto is coming up. Many people will get a chance to reconnect with mentors at this important event, maybe you’ll meet a new mentor there…. Read the complete story here.
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    Pamela Grow

  • Train Your Board (And Everyone Else) To Raise Money | Book Review

    Pamela Grow
    20 Apr 2014 | 1:09 pm
    What is it about board members and fundraising? When I asked readers to share their biggest issue with their board, many pointed to fundraising as the number one grievance. “They feel like fundraising is slimy or beneath them.” “They think it’s all about finding the next big corporate sponsor, rather than taking care of current donors and donating themselves.” “They don’t know how to fundraise but they want to tell the staff what they need to do in fundraising.” “Board members who say they’ll do anything except raise money.”…
  • Nonprofit Storytelling with Video | Three Unbreakable Rules

    Pamela Grow
    8 Apr 2014 | 5:19 am
    How are you sharing your organization’s stories? I’m a big believer in constant story collection – from your clients, your donors, your founder, your staff (see my article 6 Tips for Collecting Great Nonprofit Stories for more information) – but just as importantly as the stories you tell, is the method you use to tell them. Just as you wouldn’t limit your organization’s story to one story, neither should you limit the channels of expressing those stories. A strong tool in your organization’s marketing arsenal is visual storytelling.  Today’s guest…
  • 5 Steps to Unlocking Hidden Fundraisers: A Practical Guide to Working Better With Program Staff and Raising More Money

    Pamela Grow
    2 Apr 2014 | 3:49 am
    Guest blogger, Rory Green has been fundraising since the age of 10, when she volunteered to help run her school’s annual Bike-A-Thon for juvenile cancer research. Fundraising became her vocation at 14, when she lost a friend to Leukemia. Rory is Senior Development Officer at Canada’s BCIT Foundation by day, and infamous as the brilliant Fundraiser Grrl by night. Today’s guest post arose from a Twitter conversation. How many fundraisers does your team have? One? Ten? Fifty? Mine has more than 1,700. Yep, you heard me right. The catch is, they don’t all work for the Development…
  • The dark side of nonprofit monthly giving

    Pamela Grow
    25 Mar 2014 | 2:08 pm
    The wider adoption of monthly giving (also known as regular or sustained giving) in the U.S. could itself transform philanthropy.” Dr. Adrian Sargeant Nonprofit monthly giving is awesome.  It results in increased donor retention and loyalty.  Your monthly donors are strongly predisposed to bequest giving.  And oooh la la, your monthly giving program results in reliable income for you.  You can plan! I’ve been preaching the benefits of monthly giving programs for small shop fundraisers for years. But here’s the drawback:  if your organization is still in acquisition mode, instead of…
  • Simple Development Systems Podcast | Jeff Brooks of Future Fundraising Now

    Pamela Grow
    17 Mar 2014 | 12:40 pm
    Join me today as we chat with Jeff Brooks of Future Fundraising Now and the author of The Fundraiser’s Guide to Irresistible Communications. If you’ve ever had the experience of writing the perfect appeal or thank you letter – only to have your board president or ED wield their mighty red pen – you’ll want to listen in as we discuss those “control issues” in your nonprofit’s fundraising department and what you can do about it.  As Jeff notes: The better your work is, the more likely it is to stir fear in the hearts of your boss.  How are you creating a culture…
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    Fundraising for Nonprofits by us

  • What’s Coming – The Next Seven Weeks of the Fundraising Blog by Hank Lewis

    Hank Lewis
    16 Apr 2014 | 1:01 am
    April 23: Keeping Your Bucket Full … With Direct Mail by Jonathan Howard The national average rate of donor retention (that’s the number of donors who gave in two consecutive 12-month periods) is a horrendous 35 percent. April 23: Events In Private Homes: Part II by Hank Lewis Education, Cultivation & Stewardship – What can/should happen at an event in someone’s home. April 30: Who Are Your Planned Gift Prospects? – Part I by John Elbare Planned giving works best when you target your efforts toward a segment of donors who are most inclined to consider a planned gift. Avoid…
  • 1. How Many Development Staff Are Needed…? & 2. Events In Private Homes – Part I by Two Blog Contributors

    Two Blog Contributors
    9 Apr 2014 | 1:01 am
    1. How Many Development Staffers Do We Need … to Attain Our Fundraising Goals? by Tony Poderis I’ve often been asked about a formula/guideline for determining the number of development staff needed relative to an organization’s fundraising goals? I always reply, strongly, that “there’s no such animal.” There simply cannot be such a formula developed that has any relation to reality. No way! From the following common nonprofit activities and circumstances, you can see why there is no way to come up with a formula to know exactly, before fundraising goals are set, or when they…
  • 1. Effective Conference Fundraising & 2. Your CFC Ambassadors by Two Blog Contributors

    Two Blog Contributors
    2 Apr 2014 | 1:01 am
    1. Making Your Nonprofit Conference A Special Event by Natalie Lewis We in the nonprofit sector attend (and often arrange) our fair share of conferences; and, how many times have we walked thru an exhibit hall door and thought, “This place looks exactly like most of the other (boring) exhibit halls I’ve seen.” When was the last time you went to a conference, walked into the exhibit hall and were pleasantly surprised that it looked new, different or interesting? The old format of long rows of booths or six-foot tables is being replaced with some real imagination and creativity.
  • 1. The CFC, Nat’l Volunteer Week and Youth Service Day & 2. Building Blocks of Direct Mail by Two Blog Contributors

    Two Blog Contributors
    26 Mar 2014 | 1:01 am
    Because of the time-sensitivity of the first article, we’ve moved the postings on “Events in Private Homes” to April 9. 1. The CFC and Leverage: National Volunteer Week & Global Youth Service Day by Bill Huddleston This year is the 40th anniversary of National Volunteer Week, and this year it runs from April 6-12th. The lead sponsor is the Points of Light organization, and the number of non-profits participating with special events, recognition events, service projects and publications during that period has grown exponentially since its inception. April is full of…
  • 1. You Can Help Save the Combined Federal Campaign & 2. Dealing With Grant Deadliness by Two Blog Contributors

    Two Blog Contributors
    19 Mar 2014 | 1:01 am
    1. Proposed Changes to CFC Regulations Update: How You Can Help Save the Combined Federal Campaign – Part II by Bill Huddleston As I mentioned, last week, even after the Congressional Hearing, there has been no public response from the OPM staff to the concerns raised about the proposed regulations. What does that mean? Having worked in-and-with bureaucratic organizations for over 25 years, I understand that a bureaucracy’s first reaction in a controversy is often to deny it. That’s what OPM is doing; they are refusing to acknowledge that they have screwed up … big time. What’s…
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  • Increase Sales by Adding a Personalized School Mug

    Clay Boggess
    15 Apr 2014 | 12:08 pm
    You can further increase sales by adding a personalized school mug brochure to a larger brochure.
  • What Selling Beef Jerky Brings to the Table

    Clay Boggess
    11 Apr 2014 | 9:04 pm
    Many organizations attempt to differentiate themselves by offering a unique product to potential customers. They want an easy to sell product that’s going to stand out. Competition is especially fierce in the high school market because so many groups are trying to raise money. Organizations like Future Farmers of America have carved out a niche selling beef jerky, so can it also work for other groups? Here are some reasons to consider it for your next sale:
  • Why Schools Still Come Back to Sell Lollipops

    Clay Boggess
    8 Apr 2014 | 9:40 am
    Why do so many schools come back to sell lollipops when there are so many other options?
  • Is Only Selling Cookie Dough Enough?

    Clay Boggess
    4 Apr 2014 | 5:53 am
    Selling cookie dough still catches buyers’ attention even though it’s been around for years.
  • The Benefits of Selling Soy Wax Candles

    Clay Boggess
    1 Apr 2014 | 4:59 pm
    The benefits of selling soy wax candles over candles that use regular paraffin wax center around safety and conservation.
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    Event Fundraising Blog

  • A Little Bit of Proofreading Goes a Long Way

    16 Apr 2014 | 2:37 pm
    After all of the hard work your organization puts into the planning and publicizing of your event, don’t let errors in communication undermine your credibility and your message. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes give the impression that you don’t pay attention to details. Broken or misdirected links are frustrating and an incorrect date or address could even cause someone to miss your event altogether.Proofreading your communication is a vital part of interacting with participants and donors. With so many emails, blogs and tweets competing for attention, it is imperative that…
  • How to Deal with Unruly Event Participants

    9 Apr 2014 | 1:57 pm
    One of the best parts of our job is creating amazing experiences for our participants. However, it’s not always possible to please everyone. Mix in the emotions that come with participating in a cause-related event and the activity people are completing, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to see participants take their frustrations to a new level. It’s kind of like a wedding where you get to see people at their best and, unfortunately, at their worst. Everyone in the event business knows who we’re talking about: the unruly participant.Despite all of your planning…
  • Event 360 Explores: Phoenix Half Marathon

    25 Mar 2014 | 10:50 pm
    Next up in our blog series, Event 360 Explores, we hear from Robin Shapiro who just finished the Phoenix Half Marathon.  Name, date and location of event Phoenix Half Marathon, Saturday March 1st, 2014 in Mesa, Arizona. Event summary There were marathon, half marathon, 10k and 1k kids route. I ran the half marathon route.  It was a basic, no frills route on city streets. Start and finish were not the same location and the shuttle services were timely and comfortable.  Were the three event basics of traffic, parking and signage met?  Event organizers did a great job with…
  • APIs – the Miracles and the Marketing (Part 2 of 2)

    18 Mar 2014 | 4:01 pm
    The spirit of our last API discussion was, essentially, “don’t believe the hype”.  (Did I just drop in some Chuck D?  Yes, yes I did.)  In this installment we’ll talk about some of the groovy things you can do with APIs, as well as some thoughts on the future.One of our clients has a complex event check-in procedure that goes well beyond just “have you reached your fundraising minimum to participate?”  It includes variables for past participation, whether you are or are not on a team, whether you have reviewed the safety literature…
  • APIs – the Miracles and the Marketing (Part 1 of 2)

    18 Mar 2014 | 3:47 pm
    If you are involved in the technical side of event fundraising, you’ve probably come across the term ‘API’.  It’s often used in the same sentence with “open”, “standards-based”, “custom”, or “integration”.  It is touted as a way to attain new levels of efficiency and interoperability by letting different systems communicate with each other.  While no one comes right out and says it, it is portrayed as an “Easy Button”.That’s great, right?  We all want to make a better…
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    Too Busy To Fundraise

  • Getting Them Involved

    16 Apr 2014 | 11:53 pm
    I’m not a baby person. By that I mean, I am not a woman who sees babies and gets an irresistible urge to hold them.   That often translates to people thinking I don’t like kids. Which may hold some truth, … Continue reading →
  • Doing It All, Just A Little Differently

    15 Apr 2014 | 6:53 am
    Snow. Not what a southern California girl expects to see in the middle of April. But I’m here in Wisconsin and snow has greeted me. My LA winter wardrobe is not up to this, but as we all do when … Continue reading →
  • The Right Gift

    9 Apr 2014 | 11:00 pm
    It was a fundraiser’s nightmare. We had finally found a time when my president and major donor prospects (husband and wife) could meet. And then, as we starting talking about the campaign, the husband stopped us. “You do know that … Continue reading →
  • In Praise of Doing Nothing

    3 Apr 2014 | 11:07 pm
    At the gym, I tend to listen to podcasts of radio shows I don’t listen to when I’m in the car. It’s my dose of politics and popular culture. Though sometimes, truth be told, I don’t actually listen to anything. … Continue reading →
  • No is not necessarily a negative word

    31 Mar 2014 | 11:21 pm
    Constantly, I am reminded why this blog is named “Too Busy to Fundraise.” Because you are. And you shouldn’t be. A lot of the reason is—I hate to say it—self-inflicted. Instead of sitting with your boss (be that the ED, … Continue reading →
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  • Moffitt Cancer Center

    Michael Powell
    3 Apr 2014 | 10:02 am
    Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute is an innovative and fast-growing hospital located in Tampa, Florida. According to the National Cancer Institute, Moffitt Cancer Center “is dedicated to a singular mission: to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer and today is recognized as a leader in the discovery, translation, and delivery of personalized cancer care and prevention.” When facing the uncertainty and fear of a cancer diagnosis, Moffitt Cancer Center’s tagline, “Your best chance for beating cancer,” is obviously very appealing. However, treatments and studies…
  • What is Resiliency?

    21 Mar 2014 | 3:06 pm
    Will I bounce back from this? Recently, I attended a webinar presented by Julie Larson, LCSW. What does the term resilience mean speaking in health terms? Resiliency is the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, or adversity. Often, people facing cancer diagnoses worry if they’ll be able to bounce back. Resiliency is NOT a genetic trait. We are all born with an innate capacity for developing processes that better help cope with situations that arise in life. Learning to become resilient is just like riding a bike or doing your job. It’s a skill-set that will develop as you…
  • Raising medical funds: ¡servicios en español!

    Danny S
    20 Mar 2014 | 10:02 am
    ¡GiveForward ahora les provee a nuestros servicios en español!  GiveForward now provides our services in Spanish! Crear una cuenta en GiveForward por alguien enfermo exige mucho valor y mucha fortaleza, y puede ser complicado tratar de navigar a nuestro sitio si habla español.  ¡Por eso razón, les escuchamos!  ¡Ahora les ofrecemos ayuda y entrenamiento en español! Cualquier es su pregunta o desafío—de crear una página, a promover a su página entre familia y amigos o añadir miembros a su equipo de recaudación de fondos—nuestro cuerpo técnico ahora le asiste en español.
  • Living with Muscular Dystrophy and Neuromuscular Diseases

    21 Feb 2014 | 11:44 am
    “One of the main problems that came along with watching my condition deteriorate was ever-increasing fear of the unknown.” Neuromuscular diseases are rare acquired or inherited (genetic) conditions that affect some part of the neuromuscular system such as: The muscles The peripheral motor nerves (in arms, legs, neck and face) The neuromuscular junction where the nerves and muscles meet The muscle-controlling nerve cells (motor neurons) in the spinal cord More than a million people in the United States are affected by some form of neuromuscular disease, and about 40 percent of them are…
  • Gerson Therapy

    Michael Powell
    7 Feb 2014 | 1:04 pm
    Gerson Therapy is a popular treatment for individuals affected by cancer and autoimmune diseases. Beginning in the 1930s, Max B. Gerson used his method to treat both migraines and tuberculosis. Gerson is a metabolic therapy; its proponents believe that the body’s collection of toxic substances (like fertilizers and chemicals) leads to disease (National Cancer Institute). Dietary restrictions are essential to Gerson Therapy–The Gerson Institute even recommends its patients purchase second refrigerators to store organic produce and juices. In addition to adopting a vegetarian diet and…
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    The Fundraising Authority

  • Why Charity: Water’s 100% Model is Bad for Non-Profits and Donors Alike

    Joe Garecht
    14 Apr 2014 | 6:09 pm
    If you’re at all active on social media or in non-profit marketing, you’ve probably heard of Charity: Water.  They’re one of Silicon Valley’s favorite charities, they are exceptionally good at marketing, and by most accounts they do good work. Charity: Water also aggressively markets what they call the “100% Model” to donors, promising that 100% of the money donated through “public donations” will go directly to programs, with a group of major donors, board members and foundations providing the money the organization needs to pay for overhead expenses. By itself, this is…
  • 5 Must-Haves for Annual Giving Success

    Joe Garecht
    4 Apr 2014 | 8:51 pm
    Guest Post by Kathie Kramer Ryan When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, a robust annual giving program is one key to overall success. When done right, your annual giving program will provide a steady stream of donations to your organization as well as prospects for your major gift program.  Here are 5 must-have tools to build a successful annual giving program: 1.  Case for Support The case for support is the compelling story of why your organization exists. It is an important tool in your fundraising toolkit and serves to inform all fundraising communications, including annual giving…
  • “What Fundraising Activity Should We Cut?”

    Joe Garecht
    1 Apr 2014 | 12:35 pm
    As a non-profit fundraiser, do you ever feel bombarded by “good” fundraising ideas? You know how it goes… you develop a fundraising plan for the year, and your board approves it.  Then, over the course of the year, it seems like everyone on your team comes up with new major projects: The Executive Director wants to try a big new fundraising event The Board Chairwoman suggests applying for a major grant, which will require 25+ hours to pull together The program staff wants to hold a silent auction Your largest donor calls, and suggests sending prospecting letters to a list of 1,000…
  • How to Sell More Tickets to Your Next Fundraising Event

    Joe Garecht
    1 Apr 2014 | 11:22 am
    Running a successful fundraising event takes a lot of work.  While things like the event venue, the invitations, and the decorations are all important, the most essential outcome for any non-profit event is revenue… after all, the reason you are holding an event is to raise money to support your work. When it comes to revenue, there are three primary ways that non-profits raise money through events: sponsorships, ticket sales, and “add-on revenue” from things like auctions and raffles.  Today, I want to focus on ticket sales.   Here are 5 strategies your non-profit can…
  • 14 Conversations to Have With Your Donors

    Joe Garecht
    24 Mar 2014 | 5:48 pm
    As fundraisers, we know that conversations are the foundation of fundraising.  We are (or should be) engaged in conversations with our donors on a daily basis. We talk to our donors in person, and on the phone, sure… but those aren’t the only ways we have conversations with our donors.  Everything we do to interact with our donors is a conversation.  The events we hold, the newsletters we send out, the items we post on our website… each of these tells a story and engages our donors in conversation. Many fundraisers, though, feel like they have nothing new to say to their donors. …
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    Fired-Up Fundraising | Gail Perry Associates

  • 5 Tips for Making Your Donors Love You

    18 Apr 2014 | 6:21 am
    Your donor has just sent in another gift! Hurray! So you reply with a wonderful, personal thank you note. And then you call her to say thanks. In addition to the paper letter that you send. Then what? You have to communicate with her . . .  so you can continue to build that warm, close relationship with her. You’ll send your newsletter. And you’ll send email alerts and updates. But will it matter? Will she pay attention? Will she care? Here are 5 smart tips from my favorite communications expert Kivi Leroux Miller on how to make her pay attention and love you even more. 1. Ask donors to…
  • How to Nail Your Online Messaging to Your Donors

    11 Apr 2014 | 3:38 am
    Kivi Leroux Miller of is one of the smartest communications gurus anywhere. What I like about Kivi’s approach is that she cuts to the chase – no fluff, no bull. It’s straightforward advice on how to shape your messages so donors – and the world – will listen up! Kivi Leroux Miller is our Go-To Communications Guru! Today Kivi’s giving us a magic Bullet – how to break through ONLINE to our donors’ hearts and minds. Online is where the action is, right? Even though donors are still giving far more via the mail – you know as well as I do that…
  • An Appeal Letter Makeover: From “Organization-Centered” to “Donor-Centered”

    4 Apr 2014 | 6:59 am
    Here’s a great lesson on how to convert an appeal letter from organization-centered over to donor-centered. Sometimes writing from the donor’s point of view can be really difficult - because it’s just not intuitive.  It doesn’t come naturally. When we actually sit down to write a letter,  our natural inclination is to remind our donor how worthwhile and important our effort is. We want to say nice things about our organization and our work. Right? But all the pundits say that writing about ourselves and our organization just doesn’t cut it with donors. Tom…
  • 39 Provocative Tips From #AFPICON That Will Make You A Smarter Fundraiser in 2014

    28 Mar 2014 | 7:33 am
    Official #AFPeeps photo, 2014 San Antonio AFP Conference The International AFP Conference in San Antonio this week was pretty amazing! This year I didn’t make any presentations – and that meant for a change,  I could sit back and enjoy learning from so many smart fundraising leaders. I was tweeting up a storm! Instead of taking notes, I set down key thoughts in my tweets. Here are some of the smartest, most provocative fundraising ideas from the conference captured (by me and others) in 140 characters! I DO have a #1 favorite! Leave me a comment at the bottom of the post, share…
  • Five Ideas That Will Make Asking Much Easier and More Successful

    21 Mar 2014 | 5:52 am
    We all know that fundraising comes down to one exciting, scary moment:  when you actually ask for support. This is when knees start knocking under the table, mouths get dry and suddenly words evaporate. But it doesn’t have to be so awfully scary, if you can just remember a few very important ideas. These insights will help you be far more effective, more strategic, and happier when you are asking. 1. Insight One: Asking is a process, not a one-time transaction. You’ve got to remember that this is NOT a “make or break” moment. Asking is not a single point in time.
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    Online Fundraising Today

  • Color Run – A Popular New Fundraising Event

    16 Apr 2014 | 3:01 pm
    Recently, it seems like Color Runs are popping up all over the place. So what’s it all about? A Color Run is a 5K “paint race” event series that’s spreading exponentially across the Globe. The un-timed event has no winners or prizes, but runners who participate in the race are showered with colored powder at stations along the run. This popular event has also become a fun and creative way to raise money for a worthy cause! How it Works:  A color run is less about making good time during your 5K run, and more about having the time of your life. The five-kilometer race…
  • School Jog-a-thon – a great school fundraising event

    2 Apr 2014 | 2:05 pm
    I recently attended my son’s school jog-a-thon (variation of a walk-a-thon fundraiser) and I must say, this was such a fun school fundraising event! The kids were so excited. The entire school participated, but the way they arranged it made it very manageable for volunteers and students. The grades participated in the school jog-a-thon at different times. For example, the kindergarten classes jog began at 9:05 am. The classes gathered on the football field and water stations were set up at each corner. The event organizers made the school fundraiser very appropriate for each grade level…
  • Recent Study on Nonprofit Software Purchasing

    27 Mar 2014 | 1:30 pm
    If you are a software decision-maker at a nonprofit organization, sometimes it helps to know what other nonprofits are concerned with when purchasing software.  Recently, Software Advice talked to thousands of nonprofit software buyers in order to provide insight into what influences technology buying decisions. The company analyzed more than 2000 interactions with nonprofits evaluating new software that occurred during the 2013 year. The most important findings are listed below: Key Findings: Most buyers (51 percent) are evaluating nonprofit software to improve efficiency. Among buyers with…
  • Online Golf Tournament Registration

    17 Mar 2014 | 1:02 pm
    Spring is a busy time for charity golf tournaments. Why not do your golfers (and admins) a favor by making the registration and management process easier by providing online golf tournament registration tools. With online golf tournament registration, golfers can easily sign-up, join teams, make payments and collect donations…all from your golf tournament website. But that’s not all golfers can do. If your organization is using a golf tournament software (such as GolfRegistrations), participants can manage their entire golf experience. Golfers can purchase golf merchandise and…
  • What nonprofits need to know about credit card processing

    12 Mar 2014 | 11:52 am
    Recently we contributed an article on The Fundraising Authority to provide some helpful information for nonprofits interested in credit card processing solutions. If you are a nonprofit considering processing payments or donations via credit or debit cards, you are going to want to find the right merchant services provider for you. Below we outline a few factors for you to consider when selecting a merchant services partner: 1.Easy Set up?  First, you’ll want to be sure the credit card processing services provided are able to integrate seamlessly with your fundraising website in order to…
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    Fundraising Detective

  • Fundraising Reading Round-Up

    Fundraising Detective
    4 Apr 2014 | 6:52 am
    I've just ordered Jeff Broook's new book 'The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand' and look forward to reading it. His previous book is one of my favourite direct marketing books, so i'm expecting good things! Here are some of the other articles that have caught my eye in the last couple of weeks... RAD Campaign hosts this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival. There's a bunch of great posts on the best ideas and strategies to disrupt the nonprofit sector.  Pamela Grow features a guest post from Rory Green on five steps to unlocking hidden fundraisers. The New York…
  • Weekend fundraising reading round-up

    Fundraising Detective
    22 Mar 2014 | 6:35 am
    The fundraising sector in the UK has been abuzz with the 'no make-up selfie' trend that has been all over Facebook in the last couple of days. Completely organic, most fundraisers are looking on jealousy as Cancer Research have picked up over £2 million in unsolicited donations! I blogged about the last charity campaign that went viral in such a way - the Facebook cartoon character meme that the NSPCC benefitted from. It's worth reading what I said about that campaign (and some of the excellent comments), as a word of warning for everyone's director or chief exec who says…
  • Weekend fundraising reading round-up

    Fundraising Detective
    8 Mar 2014 | 5:54 am
    When this post is published I'll be at the Emirates stadium cheering on Everton in the FA Cup - come on you blues. What better way to (hopefully) celebrate than sharing my latest reading round-up! The Fundraising Coach (Marc Pitman) shares February's nonprofit blog carnival. The subject? Nonprofit executives: advice, tips, and exhortations. The Osborne Group present stewardship made simple and share a number of real life examples of great stewardship in action. Ian MacQuillin with two blogs defending charities. Part one includes an in-depth look at the Panorama investigation last…
  • Four non-fundraising books to help you be a better fundraiser

    Fundraising Detective
    4 Mar 2014 | 6:35 am
    I've been catching up with some reading in the last month or so and wanted to share short reviews of  four books that I believe will help you be a better fundraiser. If you've read any of them then do let me know what you thought or if you've got any other reading recommendations, then please share them in the comments. Note: The titles all link to the author's blog or website and there is a US and UK Amazon link as well. Difference: the one-page method for reimagining your business and reinventing your marketing by Bernadette Jiwa This book is only one hundred pages, but…
  • Fundraising reading round-up

    Fundraising Detective
    21 Feb 2014 | 7:21 am
    As the end of February approaches, it's time for another fundraising reading round-up. Enjoy! Beth Kanter shares five methods for avoiding procrastination - not that anybody reading this blog would be procrastinating! Hannah Brodie at the Fundraising Collective starts a series on corporate fundraising. This first post is on preparing the ground. Over at 101 Fundraising Rachel Beer warns against the dangers of becoming a fundraising robot and Reinier Spruit shares 25 awesome fundraising quotes. Sean Triner takes an in-depth look at face to face fundraising statistics from NZ and Australia…
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    CoolData blog

  • Optimizing lost alumni research, with a twist

    13 Apr 2014 | 6:47 am
    There are data-driven ways to get the biggest bang for your buck from the mundane activity of finding lost alumni. I’m going to share some ideas on optimizing for impact (which should all sound like basic common sense), and then I’m going to show you a cool data way to boost your success as you search […]
  • Work with me here

    2 Apr 2014 | 2:37 am
    We’re hiring! No, CoolData isn’t hiring — my employer is. The Advancement Services unit in the Department of External Relations at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia is seeking candidates for the position of Manager, Information Services. Reporting to the Director of Advancement Services (NOTE: I am Acting Director), the Manager of Information Services leads […]
  • An all-SQL way to automate RFM scoring

    25 Mar 2014 | 5:44 pm
    In my last post I described how to automate RFM scoring using the scripting language Python and pandas. Automating RFM scoring is a great way to learn a bit of Python — but on its own it’s a lousy reason for learning Python. It was pointed out to me that you don’t really need to call […]
  • Automate RFM scoring of your donors with this Python script

    26 Feb 2014 | 5:20 pm
    The next time you’re asked to refresh RFM scores for your donor base, tell them it’ll take you the better part of the day. Then fire up this script, output the scores in 30 seconds, and use the rest of your morning to work on something more interesting. Unlike predictive modeling, which ideally requires an […]
  • Really swell SQL: Why you must know PIVOT and WITH

    23 Feb 2014 | 10:37 am
    Some data manipulation needs are so common, and their solutions so elusive, that when I find an answer, I just have to share. Today I  will show you two problems and their solutions, wrapped up into one. The first problem: Given a database query pulling any kind of transactional data (involving dollars, say), how do […]
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    The Agitator

  • The Next America

    Tom Belford
    17 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    I’ve barely cracked the binding on Paul Taylor’s new book, The Next America, and already I’m hugely impressed. The book is grounded in boatloads of well-organized data about America’s shifting demographics and the cultural and political attitudes of our various population segments, as well as their economic prospects, gleaned from the extensive studies of the Pew Research Center. BTW, if you’re about to mail a million prospect letters next week, or preparing to report to your CEO or Board on first quarter fundraising returns, you can file this post for later…
  • Strategy And Risk

    Tom Belford
    16 Apr 2014 | 10:42 pm
    Roger warned yesterday about the ‘S’ word — strategy, discussing what is strategy and what isn’t … as well as who is a strategist and who isn’t. The image that came to my mind was the Wizard of Oz, projecting dramatic but fake theatrics from behind the curtain. In response, Charlie Cadigan of National Geographic offered this superb comment: “Asking hard questions about newly proposed ‘strategic direction’ should make agencies/consultants uncomfortable because it should involve risk. Sadly, this is an element increasingly absent from true…
  • Beware Of The ‘S’ Word!

    Roger Craver
    15 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Excuse me, but I just gotta get this out of my system. I am so fed up with reading and hearing from those who use the term ‘strategy’ without the slightest idea what it means. It’s a disease of dumbness and idiocy that has particularly infected the consulting community. Were it not that it’s a virus as dangerous as Ebola to the nonprofit community they purportedly serve, I’d let it pass. But they’ve gone too far and are a menace. Just look at the titles the agencies put behind the
  • Thinking ‘Lifetime’

    Tom Belford
    14 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Yesterday I talked about the simplest step your organization can take to increase the lifetime value of your donors — tighten up your acknowledgement process. If you didn’t check out this compelling data from Grizzard establishing that point, please do so. But then I got to thinking, how many Agitators readers might still not be sold on the fundamental importance of focusing strategically on donor lifetime value? Despite the fact that The Agitator has probably pushed this key point more than any other. As Roger says here, in one of dozens of posts talking about lifetime value…
  • Make This Improvement Your #1 Fundraising Priority

    Tom Belford
    13 Apr 2014 | 10:00 pm
    Debbi Barber at Grizzard, in a post last week titled One Simple Way to Improve Retention, hit the nail on the head. She recommended one improvement that would unfailingly yield higher lifetime value from any nonprofit’s donors. And it ain’t brain surgery, although it could well require a change to your fundraising mindset and priorities. Debbi’s recommendation? Prompt thank you’s. How big a difference will this make? Check out Grizzard’s data … If this chart doesn’t tell it all and motivate you to tighten up your acknowledgement process, I
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    Fundraising Tips & News | Blog |

  • Fundraiser Success Stories: Helping Myles
    14 Apr 2014 | 8:41 am
    Many people are interested in what happens after a fundraiser is successful, and many more need the encouragement of seeing these successful stories. To help others in situations like them, these fundraiser organizers are sharing with the community their story and their journey with their fundraiser. Hey YouCaring Team! I've had such a positive experience fundraising on YouCaring. I was denied access to an important surgery through my insurance, and I knew the next place to turn was crowd-funding. As I researched which site to use I was floored by the cut that the websites would take. Often…
  • Fundraiser Success Stories: New Uniforms For Somerville Cheer!
    10 Apr 2014 | 12:06 pm
    Many people are interested in what happens after a fundraiser is successful, and many more need the encouragement of seeing these successful stories. To help others in situations like them, these fundraiser organizers are sharing with the community their story and their journey with their fundraiser. We could not thank the YouCaring Team enough for all their help. This website allowed our community to support us in ways we did not know possible. We are so appreciative and excited to have our new uniforms! This was a fast and easy fundraiser that I would recommend to any program or group!
  • Fundraiser Success Stories: Family Down on Their Luck
    7 Apr 2014 | 8:13 am
    Many people are interested in what happens after a fundraiser is successful, and many more need the encouragement of seeing these successful stories. To help others in situations like them, these fundraiser organizers are sharing with the community their story and their journey with their fundraiser. Earlier this week, I reached out and asked for help for my family. This time it was not about an animal needing rescue but about two people who have found themselves on hard times. I did not ask for much, nor did I expect the outpouring of support, but I should have known that there would be an…
  • Fundraiser Success Stories: A Smile for AJ
    3 Apr 2014 | 7:10 am
    Many people are interested in what happens after a fundraiser is successful, and many more need the encouragement of seeing these successful stories. To help others in situations like them, these fundraiser organizers are sharing with the community their story and their journey with their fundraiser. Thank you seems inadequate to express our gratitude in your site helping us to reach our goal. A few other sites offer to help for a fee. I understand people need to make money but when you are in a desperate enough situation to have to ask money of strangers, every dime is needed. One of my…
  • Fundraiser Success Stories: Covering Child's Medical Care
    27 Mar 2014 | 6:40 am
    Many people are interested in what happens after a fundraiser is successful, and many more need the encouragement of seeing these successful stories. To help others in situations like them, these fundraiser organizers are sharing with the community their story and their journey with their fundraiser. No words will ever be enough to express our thanks to each person that has supported this cause. Ever. Through this emotional time, we have been floored by the generosity of people, it's been overwhelming. Today, I want to say thank you again. Yesterday we received an anonymous donation for an…
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    Raffle Tickets Fundraising News

  • Answer the Only Question Non-Profit Donors Have and You’ll Raise More Money Fundraising

    Raffle Tickets
    18 Apr 2014 | 10:35 am
    Answer the Only Question Non-Profit Donors Have and You’ll Raise More Money Fundraising Your donors have only one question that bothers them. If you want to acquire more donors, you have to answer it. If you want to raise more net revenue, you need to answer it. And if you want to increase the lifetime value of your donors, you must answer it. Here’s their question: “How will my donation change the world?” Donors are confused Donors ask this question for a number of reasons. For one thing, they’re confused. If they live in Canada and want to support an organization that helps…
  • Raffle Prize Ideas for Fundraisers

    Raffle Tickets
    10 Apr 2014 | 11:05 am
    Raffle Prize Ideas for Fundraisers A well-run raffle with the right grand prize can raise incredible amounts of money for your school, church, or charity. Most groups underestimate how much money a raffle can raise. You can easily raise ten thousand with a simple raffle, tens of thousands with a desirable prize such as a new car, and hundreds of thousands of dollars with a truly deluxe prize such as a new home. Cash prizes From the late-1700s to the early 1900s, many public buildings and university expansions were funded by raffles. The raffle prize was always cash and the raffles always sold…
  • 5 Great Raffle Ticket Prize Ideas

    Raffle Tickets
    7 Apr 2014 | 11:06 am
    5 Great Raffle Ticket Prize Ideas If you’re hosting a party or event and need to raise some money, a great way to do it is by offering raffle ticket prizes. You’ll want items that people will want to purchase tickets for in order to help raise the money. If you’ve got a small budget, you can still provide much wanted items that people will be willing to shell out for tickets. Here are 5 great raffle ticket prize ideas.   - Movie tickets/passes: everyone loves movie and a family night out with sodas, popcorn, and candy. However, it can run pretty expensive on the budget. So this is…
  • How Will You Promote Your Non-Profit Fundraiser?

    Raffle Tickets
    27 Mar 2014 | 9:03 am
    How Will You Promote Your Non-Profit Fundraiser? Non-profits organize fundraisers to collect money for their year-round social programs and activities. They host parties to hold charitable dinners and outdoor functions. However, as the main reason behind hosting such events is to raise money, the non-profits should know the ways of effectively promoting their fundraising programs.   Parties Start organizing parties and balls of different sizes to attract people. Send invitations to your friends and colleagues requesting them to attend the party. Have proper seating arrangements and serve…
  • Facebook Can Help Promote Your Raffle Fundraiser

    Raffle Tickets
    21 Mar 2014 | 10:34 am
    Facebook Can Help Promote Your Raffle Fundraiser So your church, school, team, or organization is going to hold a raffle. Great idea! A raffle is a terrific way to bring in much needed funds for your good cause. But how are you going to get the word out? Would you like to promote your raffle event on the number one website in the world? You can on Facebook. Oh, and did I mention you can do it for free? Facebook can help you promote your raffle Simply create a “Facebook Page” for your raffle event. The easiest way to create your Page is to go to: The…
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    Raffle Fundraising Tips Ideas Strategies

  • Encouraging Donations With a Raffle Fundraiser

    Bruce Hassel
    17 Apr 2014 | 7:21 am
    Encouraging Donations With a Raffle FundraiserA tip o’ the hat to “Impact a Life” College Scholarship 2014 contributor Amanda Orlando for her insightful look into the whys and hows of a raffle fundraiser. If you, or someone you know is attending or planning on attending college, >click here< for information on submitting your scholarship essay. Non-profit organizations are a constantly developing force, and with this development, come the need of funds. With honorable goals on their mind, many non-profit organizations find it difficult to simply ask for donations. This…
  • Fundraising: Plan To Succeed With A Fundraiser

    Bruce Hassel
    10 Apr 2014 | 10:47 am
    Fundraising: Plan To Succeed With A FundraiserFundraising can be a hit and miss affair. Often, particularly in the smaller organisations, the fundraising tasks are given to people with little or no fundraising experience. It is extremely important for those people to understand that fundraising is a discipline. It should be approached as such, and any fundraising effort should be preceded by a properly thought out fundraising plan. Planning a successful fundraiser is a plan to succeed, failing to plan your fundraiser is a plan to fail. It’s not particularly difficult to develop a…
  • Fun Ways to Help With Your School’s Funding

    Bruce Hassel
    27 Mar 2014 | 8:48 am
    Fun Ways to Help With Your School’s FundingFinding enough money to keep a public school running is sometimes difficult, especially during the past few years of economic instability. Funding a school is tough if the costs for maintenance, salary, and supplies keep increasing. Luckily, some students and parents are more than willing to help with their schools’ funding. When people talk about organizing a school fundraiser, one of the first things that come to mind is a bake sale. This tired, old idea may work, but you need to come up with something better than that. If you’re interested…
  • Raffle Tickets Can Boost Customer Loyalty

    Bruce Hassel
    19 Mar 2014 | 7:50 am
    Raffle Tickets Can Boost Customer LoyaltyEveryone knows that holding a raffle is a simple, easy and potentially profitable way for a charity or non-profit organization to raise needed funds. But let’s have a look at how the simple use of raffle tickets as a marketing tactic can help your small businesses attract new customers and cement customer loyalty. The idea is simple and very inexpensive to put into play and here it is in a nutshell: Hold a monthly raffle: Display signage that informs your customers that winners will be posted in our store on ____________ (date) Prize must be claimed…
  • Raffle Fundraising and Police Unity Tour Ride Hand in Hand

    Bruce Hassel
    6 Mar 2014 | 8:24 am
    Raffle Fundraising and Police Unity Tour Ride Hand in HandThe Police Unity Tour is riding strong across the U.S.A., raising funds and bringing public awareness of Police Officers who have died in the line of duty and to honor their sacrifices. A very worthwhile cause indeed. In May 1997 the Police Unity Tour was organized, by Officer Patrick P. Montuore of the Florham Park Police Department. What started with 18 riders on a four-day fund-raising bicycle ride from Florham Park, NJ to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. has grown into 8 Chapters consisting of…
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    Fundraising Compass

  • Shopping for a New Prospect Research Tool? 7 Steps to Help Guide your Purchase

    8 Apr 2014 | 9:19 am
    By Megan McMillan, Marketing & Communications Manager, iWave Information Systems Recently, I shouldered the task of researching and evaluating new software for our marketing department. With a number of vendors vying for a considerable chunk of my budget, the shoe was suddenly on the other foot and I felt the pain of every researcher who was ever tasked with “scoping the options” for a new research tool. With that in mind, I created the following guidelines: Step 1: Destination unknown You can’t start mapping the course for a journey with no final destination, just as you can’t…
  • Finding Access People is Key to Advance Major Gifts

    21 Mar 2014 | 9:02 am
    By Gil Israeli, Director of Prospect Research and Senior Writer, American Technion Society Currently, appearing in APRA’s online magazine Connections, Volume 25, 1-Q1. The article is a review of Israeli’s session at APRA’s International Conference, August 2013. Years ago, a fundraiser send me a research request with minimal data: an individual’s name and residence. He noted (with an exclamation point) that the family foundation had assets exceeding $100 million. Responding too quickly, I reviewed the list of grants for the past three years and placed each gift in one…
  • 6 Simple Ways to Strategically Use LinkedIn for Non-Profit Fundraising

    5 Mar 2014 | 10:18 am
    By Jeremy Woolf, New Media and Corporate Communications Director, CCS LinkedIn is a terrific tool for non-profits that is often underutilized. It is designed to explore individuals’ personal and professional connections and highlights work experience, educational background, and “degrees of separation” more effectively than both Facebook and Twitter. Pew Research Center’s Internet American Life Project uncovered that as of September 2013, 22% of online adults use LinkedIn. Even more interesting is that the study determined that 38% of American online adults with annual household…
  • Glasspockets Find: 2014 Gates Annual Letter

    19 Feb 2014 | 1:37 pm
    By Mark Foley, Manager, Associates Program, Foundation Center (Reprinted with permission.) “By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been. People are living longer, healthier lives. Many nations that were aid recipients are now self-sufficient. You might think that such striking progress would be widely celebrated, but in fact, Melinda and I are struck by how many people think the world is getting worse. The belief that the world can’t solve extreme poverty and disease isn’t just mistaken. It is harmful. That’s why in this year’s letter we take apart some of the…
  • Stewardship: A Plan for Investor Growth

    4 Feb 2014 | 9:47 am
    By Lyn Watner, President, LMW NonProfit Associates Here is a question for the New Year – Which is more important, building your prospect base or practicing good stewardship? Of course, both are important, but many organizations could do a better job of retaining their current donors. Our best contributors are actually long-term investors to your organization and its mission and you should be strategizing how to upgrade all your prospects and new givers into investors. Retention has to be a priority because once you begin to lose more investors than the number of new prospects you engage,…
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    Double the Donation

  • Tracking Usage: Determine How Many of Your Donors are Searching for their Employer

    Adam Weinger
    17 Apr 2014 | 7:51 pm
    One of the questions we receive most often is how a nonprofit can track the number of people who are using our matching gift tool. Specifically nonprofits often ask if there is a way for the organization to see how many people visit their matching gift page. While Double the Donation hasn’t built fully automated in-house analytics (it’s on our to-do list) nearly every organization already has the tools in place to measure visitors to their matching gift page. If you’re already familiar with the different integration options then continue reading this article but if…
  • How Do We Put Matching Gift Search Functionality Directly On Our Nonprofit’s Website?

    Adam Weinger
    7 Apr 2014 | 12:03 am
    Wondering how to embed Double the Donation’s matching gift search functionality directly on your nonprofit’s own website? This article is designed to help you get up and running quickly. Background Information: Double the Donation offers multiple integration options for individual nonprofits of different sizes as well as fundraising software providers who want to incorporate matching gift information into their platforms. Options include: Creating matching gift pages hosted on Double the Donation’s site Embedding matching gift search tools directly on a nonprofit’s…
  • Microsoft: One of the Best at Communicating Philanthropy Opportunities to Employees

    Erin Ehrlich
    3 Apr 2014 | 10:59 am
    As a new Microsoft employee, you are eligible for a $50 charitable donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice. That’s how easy it is to start being philanthropic as an employee with the company. Since 1983, Microsoft has donated more than $1 Billion to nonprofits via its corporate giving programs, including matching gifts and volunteer grants. The recently revamped matching gift program offers a dollar-for-dollar match to nearly all nonprofit organizations or educational institutions, with a $15,000 annual limit per employee, per year. And when you look at employee…
  • Grantspace – Live Q&A on Volunteer Grant Programs

    Adam Weinger
    31 Mar 2014 | 9:45 pm
    In case you missed it, Adam Weinger, Double the Donation’s President, and Sandy Pom of The Foundation Center (which manages GrantSpace) co-hosted a live chat on Volunteer Grants. While many of you joined us for the discussion we’re making the live chat publicly accessible and on-demand. So here is the complete transcript (thanks Sandy!) which includes questions from the audience as well as Sandy’s and Adam’s responses. If you’re unable to view the embedded live chat here are the most popular questions along with answers from Adam. Top Questions from Participants:…
  • A Unique Fundraising Idea for Your Nonprofit

    Erin Ehrlich
    19 Mar 2014 | 8:55 am
    With the competition for grants and major donors more fierce than ever, nonprofit organizations have started looking for new and creative ways to generate funds. We have a couple of ideas up our sleeve, but one unique fundraising idea you can add to your fund development arsenal right now involves your already existing group of volunteers. Do you have a a dedicated group of volunteers who help with anything from organizing events, to writing grants, to administrative work? Your organization already benefits from the great work these individuals do for you, but did you know that you also may…
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  • Product Update: Unified Donation Currency

    Jefferson Chang
    16 Apr 2014 | 8:00 pm
    We pushed an update to the platform to unify currency symbols for our international users. What this means is that all parts of CauseVox now display the proper currency symbols set from within the CauseVox campaign settings. For example, if you’re based in Canada, you’ll see the Canadian Dollar throughout the platform. If you’re based in the UK, you’ll see the British Pound throughout the platform. Here’s what it looks like on each of the different interfaces, if you’re taking donations in GBP: Fundraising Site Fundraising Page CauseVox Admin Backend CauseVox Fundraiser…
  • Project Renewal Raises Over $77,000 on Giving Tuesday

    Sara Choe
    14 Apr 2014 | 3:00 am
    After the excess of Thanksgiving—the food, the travel, and perhaps the shopping—over a dozen people gave generously to Project Renewal. With more than $77,000 raised, Project Renewal will be able to feed and shelter and empower homeless men and women out of poverty. How was this nonprofit able to break through the noise of a festive yet busy holiday season? Their success stemmed from their reaching outside of their comfort zone when it comes to development & fundraising. About Project Renewal Nonprofits working in human services traditionally rely on grant writing to fund their…
  • How Do You Create Donation Tiers?

    Rob Wu
    11 Apr 2014 | 3:00 am
    Donation tiers are levels of giving that you show donors. Most of time, it’s presented as a list of donation amounts with corresponding descriptions for each amount. Here’s an example: $25 provides one day of housing $50 provides two days of housing $75 provides three days of housing There are two methods you can use to create donation tiers for your campaign. The Impact Units Method and the Reward Method. Impact Units Method The Impact Units Method uses a multiplicative approach to creating levels of giving. For this example, we’re going to use a 2-3-6 multiplication factor, but…
  • 6 Ways to Replicate Charity: Water’s Success

    Vipin Shri
    7 Apr 2014 | 8:00 am
    This past week, I was fortunate enough to hear the founder of Charity: Water speak. As expected from a former club promoter, Scott Harrison’s life of the party personality quickly illuminated the cozy nonprofit incubator, BeeSpace. After a rollercoaster of emotion shown through Scott’s words and a colorful and concise powerpoint, I walked away with several hints of advice. Here are 6 things that can help your nonprofit replicate Charity: Water’s success! 1. Know Your Why Optimist and author Simon Sinek states that the most important factor in an individual’s success is to “know…
  • 10 Crowdfunding Tips From The 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference

    Rob Wu
    3 Apr 2014 | 11:44 am
    (Photo from Shubhagata Sengupta) The Nonprofit Technology Conference is one of my favorite nonprofit conferences. It always has a wide-array of insightful sessions (that are more hits than misses) on everything from fundraising to big-data. We’ve presented there a couple of times, including our session on the 10 Principles of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising as well as the Future of Nonprofit Storytelling. This year, we co-hosted a session on nonprofit crowdfunding. Here are 10 curated tips from crowdfunding experts from the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Use crowdfunding when you have a specific…
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  • Marry Your Xbox – Crazy Fundraising Ideas

    16 Apr 2014 | 7:51 pm
    You read that right! This wacky fundraising idea involves marrying people to just about anything they want. This fundraiser is inspired by the cultural phenomenon of Vegas Marriages and people’s undulating affection for material things. Whether it be an Xbox, a plastic cup or even stuffed animal. If you love it, then get married to […]
  • Fashion Police Checkpoint – Cool Fundraising Ideas

    8 Apr 2014 | 8:09 pm
    The fashion police. That imaginary task force that enforces fashion statements and penalizes wardrobe malfunctions. We joke about them all the time, but let’s be creative for a second. Let’s consider the idea of paying fines as a way to make money. Let’s take it one step further by incorporating the concept of a police […]
  • Celebrity Impersonator Photo – Fun Fundraising Ideas

    1 Apr 2014 | 5:20 pm
    At some point in life, you’ve probably been compared to somebody famous. If you or anyone in your circle has even a passing resemblance to a celebrity, you can turn that into a fun and creative fundraising event. The Celebrity Impersonator Photo fundraiser raises money by people who look like famous stars, and charging people […]
  • Social Media Promotion – Online Fundraising Ideas

    25 Mar 2014 | 7:56 pm
    Social media has been called everything from a mindless distraction to a breakthrough in business marketing. People use social media to do a whole lot of nothing, but you can use it as a way to fundraise, don’t ya know? Word of mouth is a powerful promotional technique. If you can coordinate a group of […]
  • Graffiti Scrapbook – Unique Fundraising Ideas

    18 Mar 2014 | 6:47 pm
    You’ve been to the bathroom, right? Ever seen any random scribbling on the stall and wondered what the story was behind it? This particular style of writing is a form of graffiti, and it is also the inspiration for a unique and new fundraising idea. The Graffiti Scrapbook fundraiser lets donors contribute anonymously to a […]
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    Tony Martignetti

  • Nonprofit Radio for April 18, 2014: NTEN & NTC: Why You Should Pay Attention & .ngo

    Julia Campbell
    16 Apr 2014 | 3:51 am
    Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95% Listen live or archive: On Fridays at 1pm Eastern: Talking Alternative Radio The archive link will be posted after the show My Guests: Amy Sample Ward Amy Sample Ward Amy Sample Ward is CEO of Nonprofit Technology Network and our contributor on social media. On the opening day of the Nonprofit Technology Conference, we talked about the value of NTEN and NTC for small- and mid-size nonprofits. Everybody uses technology! afdasdfasdfasd          adfasdfasdfa Glen McKnight, Andrew Mack, Evan Leibovitch Me with (L-R) Glen McKnight, Andrew Mack, Evan…
  • Nonprofit Radio Knowledge Base Inauguration: Branding

    Julia Campbell
    14 Apr 2014 | 5:56 am
      I’m kicking off the Nonprofit Radio Knowledge Base: Brandraise to Fundraise Sarah Durham is principal and founder of Big Duck, communications consultants for nonprofits. People need to know you before you can ask them for money. What is brandraising and how does it pave the road to fundraising? (Nonprofit Radio for 12/6/13) safdadf Discover Your Brand Nadia Tuma is a brand innovation strategist with clark | mcdowall. Your brand goes much deeper than logo and tagline. What’s the process to discover your brand strategy? Once you’ve found it, how do you manage it? Nadia and I…
  • Nonprofit Radio for April 11, 2014: Strategic Alignment

    Julia Campbell
    9 Apr 2014 | 6:00 am
    Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95% Listen live or archive: On Fridays at 1pm Eastern: Talking Alternative Radio Listen to the April 11, 2014 archived podcast My Guest: Dennis Miller Dennis Miller Dennis Miller wrote “The Power of Strategic Alignment,” his third book, because he’s seen too many nonprofits expend time, energy and money without achieving the success they hoped for. He wants to turn that around. afdasdfasdfasd          adfasdfasdfa sdf        fa                Top Trends. Sound Advice. Lively Conversation. You’re on the air and on target as I delve…
  • What Troubles You The Most?

    Julia Campbell
    7 Apr 2014 | 7:33 am
      Results from my professional development survey (now closed):  Donor Retention: Dan’s Donor Retention Ideas, interview with Dan Blakemore, director of development for International House Donor Retention, interview with Jay Love, CEO of Bloomerang Getting Your Donors To Fall In Love With You, video from Farra Trompeter at Big Duck Social Media Strategy: Beth Kanter: Real Online Engagement & Measurement, video interview; Beth’s blog A Conversation With Amy Sample Ward, Part Deux; interview about her book, Social Change Anytime Everywhere (which…
  • Nonprofit Radio for April 4, 2014: Vivid Video & A Board That Brings In The Bucks

    Julia Campbell
    2 Apr 2014 | 7:44 am
    Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95% Listen live or archive: On Fridays at 1pm Eastern: Talking Alternative Radio Listen to the April 4, 2014 archived podcast My Guests: Ross Minichiello, Mary Carlin and Gloria Ramon: Vivid Video Ross Minichiello Mary Carlin Gloria Ramon  adsfaasdfadsfasdfasdfasdfasdfsdf Ideas for producing and repurposing that video you make each year come from Mary Carlin and Ross Minichiello of Riverside Digital, and Gloria Ramon from Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A. Deborah Stanley: A Board That Brings In The Bucks Deborah Stanley Deborah Stanley from Blackbaud…
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